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In the Spotlight
Sunnking: Responsible Recycling
Taking pride in cultivating a great team of dedicated people as well as giving back to their communities, Sunnking is a leader in the electronics recycling industry, focusing on ensuring that as much electronic material stays out of the landfill by recycling, repairing, reusing, and reselling items that move through their facility.

Things to Consider When Using a Hydrogen
Fuel Delivery System on Your Refuse Truck Considerations to keep in mind when preparing to convert your fleet to hydrogen.
Steve Duricky

Understanding the Employee Retention Credit for Waste and Recycling Companies
The Employee Retention Credit can be a valuable resource for eligible waste and recycling companies that kept employees on payroll during the pandemic. Despite the common myths, many businesses in the sector may still be eligible for the ERC.
Howard Makler

Making EPR Work
Strategies for making EPR successful for all stakeholders from the 2023 AMERIPEN Annual Summit.
Dan Felton

Food Waste Management
Considerations for Implementing a Curbside Food Waste Collection Program
Curbside food waste collection helps put communities on a path to high waste material diversion while providing a high level of service to residents, lowering a community’s carbon footprint.
Brent Dieleman

Navigating the CARB Prebuy for Truck Procurement
Forward-thinking fleets leveraging strategic asset management partners and actionable data will avoid the need to react to prebuy cycles enabling them to focus on their operations and realize a lower total cost of ownership while transitioning to emission-free trucks over time.
Brian Antonellis

Getting to the Bottom of Container Repair
Repairing containers, versus replacing, has a been a long-standing practice in the waste industry to extend the life of an asset. New innovations offer a variety of options for container repair.
Paul Reidy

Waste Diversion/Reuse
From Tree Waste to Locally Source Material
How Bay Area Redwood is turning tree waste into green building materials to help solve the climate and housing crisis.
Nick Harvey

Landfill Post-Closure
A Renewable Approach to Custodial Care
Sustainable strategies for addressing differential settlement and custodial care at landfills.
Daryl O’Dell and Gary DeFranco

Compliance and Regulations
New Requirements in Effect for Metal Recycling and Shredding Facilities Operating in California’s South Coast Air Basin
Rule 1460 requires registration, housekeeping, implementation of best management practices, signage requirements, payment of fees, and in some cases wind monitoring requirements.
Kristy Monji-Chung

Guest Commentary
Collaboration is the Key to Achieving the Circular Economy
Investment is being made in new materials that provide the benefits of plastic and help existing materials in the economy by identifying new materials that provide circularity and multiple end of life options. By harnessing the power of collaboration, we can dramatically accelerate the pace of change to transition to the circular economy.
Mark Lapping

Waste Characterization
The Ins and Outs of Waste Characterization
Many industries rely on and generate hazardous materials. Accurate waste characterization helps facilities plan and monitor the safest and most effective processes to handle, store, recycle and dispose of any hazardous waste to protect humans and the environment.
Jackie Velazquez

Sustainable Cities Are Forging the Path Toward a Circular Future
Through education, passion, innovation, and action, we can build circular economies in our cities and expand our learnings to all corners of the globe.
Dr. Han Zhang

Sustainability Case Study
Dividing the Work Multiplies the Success
Urban Machine and All Bay Mill & Lumber Company bring sustainability to California’s Bay Area by reclaiming tons of wood waste through an efficient and effective deconstruction cycle.

Maximizing Efficiency Through
Your Fleets’ Tires As fleets providing vital services to our communities incorporate more solutions into their operations and take a more holistic approach to maintain their tires, they will become more productive and efficient.
Brian Cunningham

Business Strategies
How to Launch a Waste Management
Business Based on Secondary Raw Materials Four steps to help update your business model—an important direction that your waste business can take in the near future
Samuele Barrili

The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: Join Us at Our 38th Annual Conference in Tempe, AZ Held from September 17 – 22, NAHMMA’s annual event brings together attendees for networking, training, and fun.
Kenneth Miller