Spring is (almost) here and things are moving right along in the industry.

It seems like this is the first year that everyone is truly back at conferences and trade shows. Although people slowly came back together in 2022 and 2023, this year is shaping up to give us great networking opportunities with local, state, and national conferences out in full force. There should be many great discussions on a variety of topics, from PFAS to regulations, innovative technologies, workforce strategies, and more. We look forward to hearing some of the discussions, especially if they differ from the beginning of the year versus the end of 2024.

We have a great issue for you this month! Our spotlight is on the Tennessee Recycling Coalition whose mission is to educate the residents of Tennessee on the importance of recycling, while also organizing and developing multiple opportunities for people to come together to discuss, learn, and partner on technologies and strategies for the industry. Be sure to check out their story. “How to Stay in ADC Compliance at your Landfill” discusses choosing an ADC based on their unique site-specific circumstances, while “Harnessing the Power of Operational Efficiency with Innovative Solutions” makes the case that integrating an operational management platform is not just an upgrade, it is a strategic investment. And don’t miss “How to Extend the Life of Your Grinder Screens” covering proactive steps to maximizing your screens and reducing contamination in your grinder for efficiency gains longer life; or “The Importance of Roll-Off Dumpster Covers in Waste Management and Regulatory Compliance” that talks about how roll-off dumpster covers are indispensable in the modern landscape of waste management. Plus, other great topics to read up on include, an effective ergonomic work environment, challenges to choosing the best RNG processing and offloading station, innovative networking solutions, and more!

Be sure to visit Waste Advantage Magazine website every day for recent news and articles. In addition, our Supplier Directory spotlights companies that provide you with waste and recycling industry solutions. This month, some of the companies we are highlighting, include: Bandit,Custom Truck One Source, Iron Container, Flaming River, Pac-Tec, Peninsula Plastics, RouteSmart, Stertil-Koni, and Trash Flow. As a networking platform for buyer and seller, readers can review a company’s specialty, including the products and services offered through descriptions, images, videos and more. Also check out Yardfully’s and Rotochopper’s Sponsored Content. At the MarketPlace section, you can find out what’s new, view additional categories, featured listings, while our Videos page features live-action news, practices, product showings, etc. All great information when you are making important decisions.

Our web series, “Talking Trash” is a dedicated channel for the waste collection industry shining a light on what happens behind the scenes at waste collection companies. From tours of MRFs and landfills, walk-throughs of yards and truck fleets to informative interviews, Talking Trash will give you a closer look at what is happening today at leading waste companies. This great section is sponsored by WIS (Waste Innovative Solutions), specialists in waste management software and hardware solutions. With 10 years of experience in providing dedicated In-Cab Device and Route Optimization Solutions to clients worldwide, WIS is aware of the specific needs and requirements that are unique to public sector organizations and private operators.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve for you. We always appreciate the feedback. Be Safe and Stay in Good Health.


Angelina Ruiz

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