ReCircle, the resource recovery company, has been certified under the prestigious Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) Certification Program by Zero Plastic Oceans (ZPO). The certification is an independent, third-party certification of ocean-bound plastics recycling supply chains to ensure they meet international environment, ethical and labour standards.

The OBP Certification Program ensures that every step aligns with the highest standards:

  • Adequate and Ethical Collection: ReCircle responsibly collects Ocean Bound Plastic waste, benefiting the environment and local communities.

  • Well-Managed Waste: ReCircle handles Ocean Bound Plastic with the utmost care, minimising its environmental footprint through effective waste management.

  • Traceability and Recyclability: ReCircle ensures traceability of commercially recyclable Ocean Bound Plastic waste, contributing to a circular economy.

  • Responsible Handling of Non-Commercially Recyclable Waste: ReCircle diligently collects and eliminates non-commercially recyclable Ocean Bound Plastic, while verifying and tracing plastic credits.

“At ReCircle, we believe that a sustainable future is within reach, and with initiatives like the OBP Certification Program, we are getting one step closer to achieving it. We are incredibly proud to be recognized for our efforts in making a positive impact on the environment”, said Rahul Nainani, Co-Founder and CEO, ReCircle.

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