RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc., a battery materials company focused on the development of novel and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery recycling and upcycling technologies, and its R&D partner Kemetco Research Inc. have provided an operational update on the RecycLiCo hydrometallurgical demonstration plant in Vancouver, Canada.

RecycLiCo has achieved another milestone in its Demo Plant testing efforts, successfully producing bulk quantities of battery-grade lithium carbonate from an industrial feed of cathode scrap. The Demo Plant has undergone thousands of person-hours over several months which has delivered high-quality battery materials and operational data for continued business development. RecycLiCo’s Demo Plant has attracted industry attention and provided offtake of samples to global companies who are seeking sustainable and robust solutions to meet the growing demand for lithium.

The scaled-up production of battery-grade lithium carbonate from recycled battery waste represents a continued advancement in the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy. This achievement reinforces the Company’s commitment to keeping valuable materials in circulation while minimizing waste. By offering a scalable and robust solution, RecycLiCo is well-positioned to help meet the increasing demand for lithium, a critical component in the production of batteries for electric vehicles, portable electronics, and energy storage systems.

The Demo Plant is a vital platform for further expansion and accelerating RecycLiCo’s commercialization strategy. The Company believes the Demo Plant will continue to add value as an innovation center to continuously advance its hydrometallurgical lithium-ion battery recycling technology, advance business development efforts, and provide engineering data for commercial joint ventures. RecycLiCo intends to continue Demo Plant operation, using black mass feedstock, for process optimization and to produce bulk quantities of battery-ready cathode precursor and lithium hydroxide for advanced product qualification necessary for developing and securing commercial opportunities.

Looking towards the future, RecycLiCo remains committed to advancing sustainable solutions for lithium-ion battery recycling and the development of a circular economy. The successful production of battery-grade lithium, at scale, represents a continued advancement in this journey.

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