Recycling helps the community in more ways than one and in Paradise, trading in those bottles and cans will even benefit animals here at home. “The dogs and cats at the animal shelter really need a program, a citizen-run program, to help them out,” Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers Board Member and retired recycling coordinator Steve Rodowick said.

That’s what Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers (PASH), Guido’s Recycling and Northern Recycling are doing. People bring in recyclables and donate part or all of the CRV return to the animal shelter. “Whatever money goes to this fund will basically go to our day-to-day operations,” Rodowick said. The money will go into programs including spay and neuter, adoption fees for animals over 8 years old for residents over 62, and the Paradise Animal Shelter expansion.

When you drop off recyclables, you either get cash or a ticket to cash out. From there, it’s up to you to decide how much to donate. “You’re already doing one good deed by recycling; you can double down and support the animal shelter as well,” Rodowick said.  And if you don’t have any cans or glass to donate, they’re also accepting cash donations. “It’s actually a mail box that’s secure and lockable, so whatever funds you put in there, rest assured it’s going to the cats and dogs,” Rodowick said.

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Author: Chloe Curtis, Action News Now
Image: Chloe Curtis, Action News Now