Republic Services, Inc. announces that the Company has been named to the elite Supplier Climate A List by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a leading international not-for-profit organization that drives sustainable economies. Only 3 percent of companies worldwide participating in the 2016 CDP supply chain program earned the prestigious recognition.
“This is a particularly significant acknowledgement,” said Don Slager, president and chief executive officer. “When our customers partner with us, we enable them to achieve their respective sustainability goals. We also focus our suppliers and vendors on a common set of sustainability objectives. We are proud of this recognition, and believe the environmental impacts we are making today will have exponential benefit over time.”
The Supplier Climate A List is made up of companies from around the world that are able to focus their people, networks and buying power toward reducing emissions throughout their value chains. Republic works with over 14 million customers and hundreds of supply chain partners to help reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. Of the 4,300 companies who disclosed climate change information through CDP’s supply chain program, only 112 companies were named to the prestigious A List for their actions and strategies to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change for their customers and suppliers.
“We congratulate the 112 Supplier Climate A List companies that are leading the charge towards our low carbon future,” said Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of CDP. “Companies are key actors in enabling the global economy to achieve its new climate goals, and the leadership of this group points the way for others to take bold action and capitalize on the many opportunities that await.”
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