Bandit introduced its first horizontal grinder, the Model 3680 in 1995. Since then, multiple models have been engineered and manufactured featuring a unique cuttermill for processing a diverse range of material. Further expanding the line, in 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder enhancing Bandit’s already expansive line of horizontal grinders.

CUT IT, CHIP IT, OR HAMMER IT with a Bandit horizontal grinder! Which grinding method is best suited and preferred for your application? Bandit has you covered with three different mill options!



Bandit’s “Beast” models feature a unique cuttermill designed to cut material apart. Each cuttermill features cutterbodies that are attached to heavy-duty support arms regulating the cut, creating an efficient cutting action. The cutterbody utilizes a raker positioned ahead of the tooth limiting the cutting depth to approximately ¾”. This process correctly sizes material on the initial cut allowing material to immediately pass through the screen and exit the grinding chamber. By grinding this way, each machine relies less on the screen and gate to size material reducing the overall wear on the screen and gate.



All “Beast” grinders can produce a dimensional chip with a chipper knife set-up. For those needing a chip of approximately ¼”, knife-style cutterbodies can be ordered for the cuttermill and are equipped with a small knife. This set-up can also be easily converted back to teeth to go back to normal grinding. For larger chips sizes ranging from 5/8” to 2”, a dedicated 4 or 8 knife chipper drum is available on select “Beast” models. When a grinder has the chipper knife set-up, only clean round logs should be run through the grinder.



In 2024, Bandit introduced its first hammermill grinder, called the HM6420. With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team was excited to bring this highly productive 40” capacity grinder to market. This machine was designed and manufactured as an alternative solution for those applications that may contain contaminants. A Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine provides ample torque and horsepower for optimal machine performance and productivity.

The heart of the HM6420 is a 50” diameter x 66” wide hammermill. The heavy-duty mill features 1.75” drum skin custom formed from rolled plate. The mill is equipped with twenty carbide infused hammer inserts built to withstand the toughest material fed into the machine. Each holder is securely attached to the mill via a patent-pending quick change pocket system. Each holder recesses into the mill pocket, increasing durability. A top plate covers the pocket and held in place by six hex bolts. The hammer insert is attached to each holder utilizing two bolts. With this set-up, the mill hardware is easier and quicker to replace.

An impact detection system is standard and designed to limit damage if a contaminant is struck inside the grinding chamber. Once an impact event is detected, the grinder will idle down, open the gate, disengage the clutch, and reverse the feed.

If you are looking for a solution to process material like concrete, tires, and light metal, then a slow speed shredder would be best suited for you. Current shredder options are available in electric stationery or track. Each unit features dual shafts with a quick-change cassette to quickly remove the shafts for maintenance or replacement. Adjustable side combs are located underneath the shafts and are adjustable to regulate the output size or increase the throughput rate.




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