Turn Waste to Fuel with CPM Processing Equipment, Services and Solutions


CPM offers a variety of solutions for the waste to fuel industry. Broadly, “waste to fuel” refers to a range of technologies and processes that convert waste materials into usable fuels.

The first steps to turning waste into solid fuel are particle size reduction and pelleting or densification. Once the size is reduced with equipment like CPM hammermills, the waste can be pelleted or densified. The pelleted or densified waste is then used as a substitute for coal and is a perfect input for gasification and other processes that turn solids into liquids or gas.


As the largest pellet mill manufacturer in the world, pelleting is in our DNA. CPM pellet mills are built to the highest standards and meet the toughest and most demanding pelleting requirements. Our pellet mills can turn materials into high-quality pellets using raw waste such as municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel , solid recovered fuel, plastic, wood waste and agro-waste.

CPM Briquetting Presses can also be used to densify raw waste. At their core, they are designed to reliably turn sludge, wood waste, metal and post-industrial recycled material into valuable briquettes and pucks. These briquettes and pucks can be used as solid fuel or can further contribute to various recycling processes.

Unlock the potential of your waste today with CPM’s eco-friendly waste-to-fuel and waste-to-energy solutions. With a solution for every waste material processing application, CPM is your partner in fueling a better world.


For more information about CPM’s waste to fuel solutions, visit Waste Solutions – One CPM

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