Flaming River Industries, Inc.® is an Ohio corporation and woman-owned business, located in Berea, Ohio. As we celebrate our 35th year in business, we are proud of the battery disconnect switches and accessories that we provide to the heavy-duty and commercial trucking industries.


Flaming River Industries is well-known for our battery disconnect switches, and over the course of many years of service, The Big Switch has become an industry standard as it relates to safety and OSHA Regulation 1910.147 for lock-out/tag-out in heavy-duty and commercial vehicle applications. The Big Switch is a heavy-duty Battery Disconnect Shut-off Switch with increased terminal space rated at 250 Amps continuous service and 2500 Amps for 5 second intervals. The Big Switch is manufactured with silver plated electrical contacts and with a completely sealed, water resistant design, is able to withstand the most severe operating conditions. We back the quality of this switch with a three (3) year warranty. This Big Switch comes with a lock-out bracket which enables a padlock to be inserted in the “OFF” position to comply with OSHA lock-out/tag-out regulation 1910.147. This prevents theft and accidental activation during equipment maintenance.


We are continuing our pledge to provide our customers with the highest quality battery disconnect switches, with the introduction of The Big Switch 500. The Big Switch 500 is Flaming River Industries’ response to the increasing demands for higher continuous current requirements within the commercial vehicle industry. The Big Switch 500 was designed from the ground up as a more rugged and powerful product capable of handling 500 Amps continuously. The Big Switch 500 was designed right here in Northeast Ohio, and is built and assembled in the USA.


We also proudly distribute and carry a series of automatic battery disconnect switches that focus on convenience, battery preservation, and fleet safety. The Electro Wizard® has proven to be a dependable and irreplaceable component for large vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. Our newest products—the Low-Voltage Disconnect Switch and Watch Dog®, join the ranks of our expanding list of automatic battery disconnect switches. The Watch Dog® can run continuously at 300 Amps and includes features like bi-stable “magnetic latch” technology, a built-in programmable time delay, and an external emergency shut-off switch making battery disconnection simpler and safer than ever.  The technologies of the automatic battery disconnect switches and original Big Switch are supplied by a well-known Italian manufacturer.

Flaming River Industries is certified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standards. By adhering to ISO’s 9001 quality standards, Flaming River Industries’ manufacturing processes and products are certified to world-class specifications for quality, safety and efficiency. We are also certified in ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems. This certification ensures that Flaming River Industries minimizes its impact on the environment and complies with all applicable and statutory regulatory requirements.

For 30 years, we have designed many award-winning products using state-of-the-art engineering, technology, and quality control in our manufacturing processes. We continue to expand in the heavy-duty market with advanced electrical and safety devices designed to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Although this process is exciting, we know that the best reward is a satisfied customer.



For more information visit: www.FlamingRiverHD.com
Phone Number: 800-648-8022

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