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Founded in 2009, Iron Container is a Southeast leading manufacturer of waste management containers, compactors, and other related waste handling equipment. From our Miami, Florida headquarters to our facility in Easley, South Carolina, we assemble and deliver roll-off containers, front-load containers, rear-load containers, compactors, and other specialty containers to hundreds of customers per year. We cater to a wide range of industries including waste management, construction, and industrial services, leveraging our renowned reputation for exceptional product durability and service excellence.

Since inception, Iron Container has been successfully supporting refuse haulers in Florida and neighboring states with their roll-off dumpster and waste container needs. From individual rush orders to large scale municipal roll outs. We do this by maintaining a solid inventory of standard front load containers and roll off dumpsters, and by running the efficient manufacturing processes needed to allow us to ramp up capacity when needed.

Our full line of waste handling containers includes steel front load containers, plastic front loader containers, steel rear loader containers, roll off dumpsters, compactor receiver cans, and custom steel refuse containers.

Remember, our manufacturing meets or exceeds industry standards so you can rest assured that all Iron Container dumpsters will give you the life you expect.


Roll-Off Dumpsters & Roll-Off Containers

Iron Container is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of Roll-Off Dumpsters & Rolloff Containers. With a huge selection of containers for all your dumpster needs, we are proud to provide Roll-Off operators with the best containers for the best value.

Roll-Off Dumpsters & Roll Off Containers for Sale


Front Load Dumpsters & Front Load Containers

Iron Container produces several hundred front load containers each month. This allows us to supply a range of customers from cites and municipalities, to small and large haulers, with industry standard containers to meet their hauling needs.

Front Load Dumpsters & Front Load Containers for Sale


Rear Load Containers

Although more popular with the export market, we build our rear load dumpsters with heavy duty parts, as if we were building them for our largest local customers.

Rear Load Dumpsters & Rear Load Containers for Sale


Specialty Dumpsters & Specialty Refuse Containers

Specialty applications are a necessary part of the business.  If you have a specialty container need, call us and we will help you meet the challenge.

Specialty Dumpsters & Refuse Containers for Sale


Compactor Containers

Our line of compactor containers is built to common specifications to retrofit compactors from almost all manufacturers.

Compactor Containers for Sale


Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are the way of the future.  Click here for more information on the strongest plastic front loader in the US.

Plastic Dumpsters for Sale


Apartment Style Compactors

Our Apartment Style compactors have been used throughout the Southeastern US for decades.

Apartment Style Compactors for Sale


Self-Contained Compactors

Our Self-Contained Compactors have been recently upgraded to add more standard features – at the same lower prices. Built with worry-free operation in mind, these units are made for peace of mind.

Self-Contained Compactors for Sale


Stationary Containers

Our Stationary Compactors are used at busy landfills and other high usage environments. Wherever you need them, we can build the right unit for you.

Stationary Compactors for Sale

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