Leadpoint is a proven labor solutions provider and operating partner that supports the recycling industry nationwide. Our specialized knowledge in waste and recycling is built on more than 20 years of experience.

What we do is a little different: We are an employer of a full-time recycling industry workforce; skilled men and women who work as a team under the leadership of an embedded onsite manager at MRFs, PRFs, and post-consumer resin sites.

Leadpoint’s high performance work teams and industry expertise help companies across the recycling ecosystem meet their operating objectives, improve profitability, and stabilize their work force. We have the experience and knowledge to optimize processes, control costs, and keep our people and your site safe. As your operating partner, the Leadpoint team will work with you to advance performance, minimize downtime, and improve the quality of your material.



With nearly 50 sites across 20 states, Leadpoint delivers capabilities and resources unmatched by competing labor solution providers. Our recycling proficiency has the power to deliver the results you are looking for.
Leadpoint is known for reliability and relentless attention to the safety of our employees. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Leadpoint works with public and private recycling organizations nationwide.





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