PowerPusher Dumpster Mover

The PowerPusher Dumpster Moverenables a single person to maneuver 500 – 6,000 pounds fast and effortlessly with total control. The battery-powered tug improves operator safety and productivity replacing more costly solutions. It is a safe, clean solution for bulk material handling allowing transport of virtually anything that rolls with a wide range of attachments available.


• Battery powered motor delivers clean, silent 6,000-pound moving capacity, indoors or outdoors

• Sealed transaxle design delivers stable operation over uneven surfaces

• Patented Auto-Latch system provides a positive lock while easily connecting and disconnecting without the need to insert a pin

• Lock-out hub enables the machine to be free wheeled to get you where you need to go as fast as you can run

• Maintenance-free batteries and heavy-duty 5th-wheel ball bearing turntable provides years of reliability

• On board opportunity charger ensures the Dumpster Mover is ready to go all the time

• Super Pusher Dumpster Mover – comparable size with all the same great features plus solid rubber forklift tires in a 20,000 lb. capacity machine

• Dumpster Mover Lite – for dumpsters under 800 lbs.


Power Pusher® is a division of Nu-Star, Inc. a global manufacturer of engineered solutions for material handling needs, headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota, with facilities in the US and UK. Years of experience as a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer in the industry has given Nu-Star a competitive edge providing reliable and cost-effective load-moving solutions.


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For more information, visit www.powerpusher.com , call 800.800.9274 or email Ryan Blesi at [email protected]

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