Qualpay: A better way to manage payments

We simplify cash reconciliation and operational expenses with our fully-integrated payments platform. We offer a consultative approach to payments combined with advanced technology, reporting, and cash flow management.Qualpay offers:

Updated technology and payment tools– Securely manage customer data and access back-office resources and reports through one easy-to-use interface, removing layers of cost, including gateway, tokenization, and vaulting fees.Pre-auth features – Use pre-authorizations, then capture the correct amount and let Qualpay reverse any outstanding authorization or capture more on the credit card. This technique will ensure your transactions qualify for utility pricing and no additional misuse of authorization fees.Interchange optimization to achieve the best rates on all card types- The card brands support special rates for companies accepting corporate, purchasing, and business cards. These transactions fall outside of the rates already set for Energy companies. At Qualpay, we ensure you enjoy the lowest available rates on your transactions by detecting eligible card types and dynamically prompting the fields required.Customized reporting– Our business intelligence reporting provides real-time sale-to-cash reconciliation reporting, available on any device, for easier business performance monitoring. We make it much easier for you to follow a transaction from sales to cash deposits. All reports can be downloaded or accessed via API and imported into a software application, freeing up administrative time.Update expired credit cards– Help prevent payment declines by using Account Updater to keep cardholder data fresh and reduce the need for you to update card information manually.One merchant account. The fuel industry qualifies for certain types of rates with Mastercard and Visa, but to qualify, you must remember to run those transactions correctly through different merchant classification codes, traditionally with two merchant accounts. We intelligently classify the transactions as they pass through our gateway with just one merchant account.Qualpay is the next generation of Waste and Utility payments. While Qualpay is growing fast, we intend to keep our roots grounded in using technology to solve problems. Put simply, Qualpay allows for a better way to manage payments.Learn more about Qualpay by visiting https://qualpay.com/industry/waste-management.

To see more about Qualpay watch our videos: https://www.youtube.com/@qualpayinfo

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