As a leading provider of route optimization solutions, we address the most complex routing challenges for clients around the globe. Our precise routing software allows both private waste management and municipal public works organizations to provide more efficient service to households and businesses through advanced fleet management.

RouteSmart proves its value every day and our ROI story is backed up by real clients. We partner with the best in the industry to return results that other systems can’t.

Our robust software integrates with your existing systems to form a complete solution that meets the demanding operational needs of your industry.

  • Consolidates routes
  • Reduces mileage and costs
  • Eliminates overtime
  • Enhances safety
  • Improves bottom-line results




Residential Waste and Recycling Collection

  • Maximize stops and lifts per hour
  • Reduce route planning time
  • Improve safety compliance
  • Leverage investment for automated collection




Commercial Routing

  • Balance weekly patterns and workloads
  • Adhere to strict time windows
  • Manage service for high-priority customers




Roll-off Route Optimization

  • Complete daily routing in minutes
  • Reduce empty rail time
  • Maximize pulls per truck






Inspection and Work Order Routing

  • Handle bulky routing solutions faster
  • Create inspection routes by priorities and job qualifications
  • Optimize cart deliveries and container maintenance services






Street Sweeping

  • Restrict changes based on street signage
  • Model odd-even street side service
  • Develop faster, more accurate routes based on sweeper speeds






Winter Maintenance

  • Prioritize snow emergency routes and major roads
  • Create unique scenarios for multiple winter events
  • Build efficient routes to plow every lane





Advanced route optimization solutions

Solve your everyday routing needs with our comprehensive suite of vehicle routing tools that model the unique constraints of routing high-density residential and commercial service workloads.



Integrate RouteSmart Routing as a Service® (RaaS) with your customer relationship management system to support dynamic daily route balancing and sequencing for processes such as bulky collection. RaaS web services provide access to our powerful optimization algorithms through standard APIs, making implementation and ROI faster than ever.



Navigate collection crews with the only in-vehicle system fully integrated with RouteSmart Technologies solutions. RouteSmart Navigator is the one in-cab device that is powerful enough for high-density routing solutions and the sole solution that can guide crews via the same street data used during route planning. Keep track of crew progress in real-time and enable exception reporting. A great way to train new drivers and enable substitute drivers to navigate routes efficiently.



Hear from our clients about their success with RouteSmart.

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