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End-to-end smart truck solutions for a safer, greener waste & recycling fleet

Garbage collection and waste hauling can be dangerous jobs. We aim to make them safer and more efficient – so you can finish routes faster without incident. Our FleetMind all-in-one waste collection software helps you improve customer service and safety with real-time, actionable information. Plan efficient routes and track progress using our route management software. Easily respond to customer concerns using our service verification tools. A complete 360° camera view helps drivers avoid accidents and gives you real-time visibility into driver activity. Only have the budget for a simple back-up camera or dash-cam?  We’ve got that too!


Why Safe Fleet?


  • Award-winning smart truck technology solution for waste & recycling fleets
  • Integrated video and fleet tracking system for real-time route management
  • Widest selection of truck and trailer tarping systems

Safe Fleet Waste & Recycling mobile and back-office solutions

Smart Truck On-Board Computer

Deliver waste collection services that are smarter, safer, and more efficient with FleetLink on-board computing solutions. Collect and communicate GPS, engine control module (ECM) data, and service information from routes, drivers, customers, cameras, scales, and RFID sensors to track the progress of waste collection in real-time. Choose from a selection of rugged in-cab video monitors to display camera views to increase driver visibility for enhanced service, passenger safety, and reduced risk of accidents.


Fleet Cameras

Safe Fleet Waste & Recycling cameras give you a better view and greater insight into what’s happening your waste hauling or waste collection routes. Reduce blind spots to avoid collisions and give drivers a better view around the vehicle. Real-time video footage to monitor route safety and verify waste pick-ups at your fingertips.

Video Evidence Management Systems

Manage all of your video evidence through a single, web-based application that lets you search for and download video surveillance footage. Get the most from your critical video safety systems with enterprise-level evidence management. Search for evidence, view, extract and package evidence for third-party review, and access live footage to see exactly what’s happening in real-time.

Fleet Safety Dashboard

Get to the heart of your waste operations’ key safety indicators with the safety FleetLink Safety Dashboard. Empower your management staff and drivers with complete transparency including, detailed reporting on driver, truck, and route performance in real-time along with video and pictures.

Vehicle Inspection App

Looking for a way to simplify and automate your vehicle inspection process? Safe Fleet® Vehicle Inspection™ lets you digitize and automate pre- and post-trip inspections and makes the inspection data available through a web portal, so fleet managers can track issues as they are flagged, repaired and the vehicles are returned to active service.

Route Management System

Plan safe and efficient routes and deliver turn-by-turn driver directions. Help drivers stay on track and reduce fuel consumption. Monitor route progress and easily add more trucks, or transfer stops to other drivers within minutes to avoid overtime. Better manage service quality with easy look-ups to verify pick-ups, and replay driver activity. Connect to 3rd party routing software via API for route optimization.


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