In a rapidly progressing world, the need to responsibly manage organic resources is more important than ever, and opportunities abound to recycle what was once considered “waste” into a usable commodity. With a wide variety of material coming in – and an ever increasing list of potential end-product uses – you need equipment that is versatile, and an equipment provider who shares your ambition to create real value from these organic resources.

Through a vast and versatile product lineup, Vermeer demonstrates our commitment to transforming organic materials into a useful end product. Whether you are processing waste into compost, producing wood chips for power generation or turning discarded wood debris into landscaping mulch, Vermeer has the products to meet your needs.

And with a dedicated and local dealer support network, you can rest assured Vermeer has an expert nearby, ready to support your project.





For more than a decade, Vermeer has led the wood waste industry with horizontal grinders that are built with the features you need to meet your customers’ product requirements. Our horizontal grinder lineup efficiently transforms logs and other organic materials into valuable end-products.




By listening to our customers, Vermeer has continued to provide practical and effective features to make our horizontal grinders work on your sites. From stationary plants to remote locations, Vermeer horizontal grinders go where you need them and are built to meet the demands of your unique jobsite.




Organic materials come in many shapes and sizes, and Vermeer tub grinders are your tool for high-volume regrinding, as well as processing of difficult wood waste and biomass material. Utilizing the patented duplex drum cutting system and multiple screen size options, you have the versatility to meet your customers’ end-product needs.



Screening your material provides more consistent sizing to help you better meet your customers’ needs, while also maximizing your end-product value. Vermeer trommel screens were designed to minimize setup time and make maintenance easy so you can focus on getting to work. With an extensive list of drum and screen options, Vermeer provides you with the right tools to get the job done.



From soil amendment to erosion control, compost is utilized in a variety of applications and plays an important role in today’s world. Compost turners introduce oxygen into the compost pile, helping speed the decomposition process. Because composting sites can vary, Vermeer offers different styles of compost turners to meet your specific needs.



When it’s on the line, you require a partner who can provide the support and technology solutions to help keep your job productive. Vermeer is ready to stand behind your next project – no matter where it takes you – with local expertise and dealer support.



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