We retail the full line of Verhagen Leiden V-move walk-along load movers and Xerowaste 4-wheel recycling trailers. Move waste and recycling bins, roll-off bins, totes, and semi-trailers.

Verhagen Leiden has been manufacturing walk-along load movers for over 38 years and has the most powerful walk-along load movers capable of lifting and moving roll-off bins, moving self-contained compactors up steep driveways, moving totes, plowing snow, and moving semi-trailers.

Xerowaste Solutions is the North American retailer and distributor of the complete line of Verhagen Leiden load movers. Our products are warranty supported across North America.

We have 6 different waste bin mover models that can move bins up to 31,000 lb. Our V-move XL, XL+, and XXL allows one person to quickly connect to a bin with gloves on and then quickly attach a snowplow to plow sidewalks or driveways at up to 3.7 mph. Our waste bin movers are highly configurable and can take counterweight for traction or take on weight of the object being moved.


Our waste bin movers:

V-move XL

Our most popular waste bin mover
 for loose or compacted bins and totes
 on average slopes.



V-move XL+

Waste bin mover for loose or compacted
 bins and for steeper slopes.



V-move XXL

Waste bin mover for compacted bins,
 self-contained compactors, roll-off bins,
 and for steep slopes.



V-move 4XL

Waste bin mover for heavy roll-off bins and
 self-contained compactors.



See it in action!

For moving semi-trailers at MRF’s and transfer stations:

V-move 40T

Heavy-duty semi-trailer mover to move
 loaded semi-trailers safely on various surface
 type driveway grades up to 10%.






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