The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources is excited to bring a new business-based program called RivCo Waste Wise Champion. The Riverside County Waste Wise Champion Program hopes to achieve a cleaner environment by helping businesses integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a sustainable and profitable, and community-driven manner. Sustainable business practices promote not only healthy environments but also healthy communities.

Riverside County Businesses will have access to qualified specialists to discover waste reduction strategies that improve production efficiency to cut costs. Businesses will also have access to educational classes, and marketing opportunities, including county-wide recognition, marketing on the Riverside County Department Waste Resources website, and recognition at the Annual RivCo Recycles Summit. Businesses will be scored based on their attention to the environment and can earn placement in the Bronze, Silver, or Gold category. Businesses are welcome to utilize the RivCo Waste Wise Champion logo on store windows and materials as branding support. Interested businesses can follow this link to find out more information and apply for a RivCo Waste Wise Champion Scorecard. This program is for Unincorporated Riverside County Businesses only.

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