Rutherford County broke ground on a 12,500-square foot transfer station to be located at 6000 Landfill Road in Murfreesboro. Rutherford County government says Mayor Joe Carr, county commissioners and Solid Waste Director Bishop Wagener spent numerous hours researching and planning the best solution for the community’s solid waste problem. In 17 months, leaders went from an idea, to plan approval, to a groundbreaking.

“It was an important journey, and this is historic,” said Mayor Carr. “Our responsibility and obligation is first and foremost to the citizens of this county.” According to the county government, Rutherford County is the fastest growing county in Tennessee and each person generates 1.1 tons of solid waste per year. Leaders say the county is statutorily obligated to dispose of residents’ solid waste. The transfer station is the first step.

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Author: Fox 17 WZTV Nashville
Image: Rutherford County Government