Sabert Corporation, a global leader in innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions, has released a new thought leadership report, offering a unique view into the trends that will shape the foodservice and manufacturing landscape in 2024. Titled “Sabert Leaders Discuss 2024 Trends in Foodservice and Manufacturing,” the report summarizes interviews with Sabert leaders as they reflect on the developments of 2023 with insightful analysis about what may impact these sectors in the coming year.

“The future of foodservice and manufacturing is exciting, and we’re thrilled to share our perspective on the trends we anticipate will lead the way in 2024,” says Stephny Halstead, Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development at Sabert Corporation. “Sabert is in a unique position, given our broad experience across these industries, to predict the opportunities and challenges operators may encounter next year. Our goal is always to anticipate the needs of our customers so we can leverage our rapid innovation capabilities, scale, and extensive resources to help them deliver exceptional dining experiences.”

A few potential trends that Sabert predicts for 2024 include:

  • An increased focus on sustainability commitments and eco-friendly practices
  • The demand for innovation to help operators create value for consumers and enhance the quality and presentation of takeout, delivery and prepared foods
  • The continued impact of economic pressures and labor market dynamics
  • The power of personalization
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