Senator Mike Goggin’s ‘Move Over’ bill passed the Senate. His bill ensures drivers of service vehicles will enjoy safer working conditions. The current ‘Move Over’ law requires motorists to move one full lane over from stopped service vehicles with their lights flashing. The expanded language in this bill broadens current law by adding solid waste trucks, recycling trucks, and similar vehicles under the umbrella of the law.

“This bill benefits vulnerable workers just trying to do their jobs,’ said Senator Goggin.  ‘We want those who work in important public services to be safe as they serve their communities.  This is a simple, straightforward fix that will protect both motorists and service vehicle drivers from easily avoidable crashes and injuries.”

Senator Goggin’s addition to the ‘Move Over’ legislation will also encourage drivers to slow to a reasonable speed when passing service vehicles on roads with only one lane in a single direction. As Minnesota enters summer traffic and construction season, this bill will serve as a good reminder for drivers to consider the safety of others on the road.

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