SWANA’s SOAR Technical Conference co-located with the Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show comes to Atlanta, GA from April 17 – 20.

When it comes to solid waste management, issues like sustainability, efficient operations, taking actions for constant improvement, and making the best use of resources are top of mind. That is why SOAR 2023 is the technical conference that is attracting waste management professionals from all disciplines across the community.

What is SOAR?
SOAR stands for Sustainability, Operations, Action, Resources. The conference, sponsored by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), will focus on practical solutions to the most difficult problems our industry faces.

Photos courtesy of SWANA.

Leaders share best practices in game-changing conversations with each other and with subject matter experts. They can take a deep dive into technical education tracks, and it is always a great opportunity to forge new business connections throughout the week. Attendees leave SOAR with actionable, fact-based solutions ready to be implemented in their own facilities. SOAR 2023 will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA from April 17 – 20.


Who Should Attend?
This technical summit brings together professionals from:
• Collection and Transfer
• Landfill Gas and Biogas
• Landfill Management
• Waste Conversion and Energy Recovery
• Sustainable Materials Management

Many organizations are sending a team to gather a shared understanding of how to better use innovations and to work together more effectively to solve problems. Teams can enhance skills and learn, improving coordination across functions. Organizations benefit from investing in the personal and career development of leaders and staff.

Co-Located with the SWANA Training Center
The SWANA’s Training Center provides essential training courses that offer the chance to learn live, hands-on, and in-person with SWANA-certified instructors. It is co-located with SOAR 2023 to make it easy for participants to invest in their people. Training courses are presented across intensive three-day formats:
• Landfill Gas Operations & Maintenance
• Manager of Integrated Solid Waste Management
• MOLO-Manager of Landfill Operations
• Transfer Station Management

Participants who complete the course will earn 30 continuing education credits to apply toward a current SWANA certification. Training Center attendees will have the opportunity to briefly experience SOAR.



SOAR 2023’s Packed Schedule
In addition to the SWANA Training Center courses, the SOAR 2023 program will include a facilities tour, keynote speakers, award presentations, division and committee meetings, programming for young professionals, and access to an extensive exhibit hall.


Topical sessions include:
• Digital Transformation of Waste Management: Drones, Smart Forms, and GIS
• Landfill Gas & Biogas, Planning & Management
• Challenges and Opportunities in Conducting Recycling Characterization
• PFAS: How to Treat and Sample for It
• A Data-Centric Collaborative Approach to Boost Recycling Volume in Multi-Family Property Buildings
• The PFAS Biosolids Connection and Impacts to Your Landfill
• LFG Emissions Measurements and Mitigation
• Closing The Loop: Electric Waste Collection Vehicles + Waste-to-Energy = Self-Sustaining Operations

A New Waste Paradigm: Sustainable Materials Management and The Circular Economy
• Transforming Solid Waste into Carbon Negative Fuels
• Rising to the Top: Leachate PFAS Removal Using Foam Fractionation
• Recycling Commodities
• Creating a Culture of Accountability, Diversity, and Inclusion
• Wellfield Innovations
• RNG Processing
• Landfill Procurement: Owners Engineer and Alternative Delivery Methods Saving the Day
• From Drilling to Digesting: An Aerobic Digestion Feasibility Study
• Hone Your Messaging: Surprisingly Effective, Low-Cost Tactics Agencies Use to Test Communications
• SMM Contracting
• Organics
• Leachate Treatment and System Maintenance Issues
• How Did Atlanta Do That? Improving Recycling Access, Participation, and Program Resiliency
• RNG Processing Part 2
• H-Power – Not Just a Waste-to-Energy Facility
• The Role Landfills in Sustainability
• Focus on Food Waste
• “Ooh That Smell” Landfill Odor Monitoring and Control
• Become A Resident Rate Consultant in Your Agency
• Taking Charge of Efficient Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Management
• New Policies and Programs Impacting Landfill Methane Reduction and Avoidance
• Talking Trash with The Community—A Variety of Strategies!
• Making Your Leachate Discharge Concerns Evaporate into Thin Air
• What You Need to Know about Grant Funding from the US EPA
• Automation through Artificial Intelligence
• Embracing New Technology—A Path to Peril or Prosperity?
• Planning for Integrated Solid Waste Management in an Era of Unprecedented Change
• Optimizing Residential Collection Routes- Increasing Efficiency While Avoiding Chaos!
• Technology Innovations to the Problem of Wasted Food
• Landfill Planning and Design Optimization
• Cashing in on the E-RIN Pathway
• Worker Shortages Effecting Ability to Keep Up? Outsource for Fixed Cost Results and Stay Ahead
• PFAS in The Trash: The Hidden Impact of EPA’s PFAS Actions on Solid Waste Management
• Small Site Development
• Trials, Tribulations, and Tabulations of Construction and Demolition Waste in Music City, U.S.A.
• States Leading in Environmental Justice: What to Know about Impacts to the Solid Waste Industry
• Moving Past the Pilot – Driving to Zero Emissions
• Landfills Starring as Renewable Energy Assets
• What to Do When Landfills Are No Longer Ecologically and Economically Viable?

Join us at SOAR and you will be able to tackle the challenges you face daily, keep your facilities, equipment and operations running smoothly, comply with regulations, and incorporate best practices and innovative technologies. You will leave with solutions to put to work immediately in your own facilities. | WA

For more information or to register, visit SWANASOAR.org.