Starlight Software Solutions announces a new release of features and functions specific to roll-off waste haulers and recyclers. This new version of Starlight is a 100% fully cloud-based software system, providing infinite storage and automated systems for optimized efficiency.  The industry-leading cloud solution for roll-off haulers and recyclers has the added power of the AWS cloud platform which provides endless storage capabilities, nearly constant uptime, and high security. Additionally, this new cloud product includes Starlight’s industry-leading cloud reporting, a robust tool for creating reports on key metrics with simplified drag and drop functionality, allowing operators to instantly see where opportunities and risks exist in their operations. As a result, haulers can adapt to meet customer needs, fulfill change orders, capture new sales, better manage inventory, routes and drivers.

“This new release is already helping customers increase productivity and most importantly profitability,” said Bill Bradley, CEO and Founder of Starlight Software Solutions. “Our customers are seeing double digit gains in just weeks of implementation and are able to gain tremendous efficiency through much better awareness and control of their assets.” These new roll-off and recycling management system features are among many new capabilities Starlight will be releasing this Fall, starting in August 2022.  Scheduled releases include solutions specific to commercial haulers with subscription-based accounts, residential trash services, and portable toilet. Each of these solutions will be cloud-based and backed by the same five-star customer support for which Starlight has been long known.

“Our team has produced what truly is a game changing solution for the waste industry,” continued Bradley. “Our system assures a seamless and simple implementation for customers of all sizes, allowing haulers and recyclers to up their efficiency and profitability in short order.  We are truly excited to offer this system to our industry.”

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