In an exciting move that promises to push sustainable practices to new heights, the Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Performance Standard (SWEEP) is thrilled to welcome Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. (GBB) and the National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC) as its newest members.

As a renowned global consultancy in waste management, GBB is a trusted partner for both public and private sectors, offering tailored solutions to conquer complex waste management challenges. Notably, they have led the transformation of the solid waste management system in Kent County, MI, with the creation of a pioneering Sustainable Business Park. This facility adopts a circular and self-sustaining waste management solution while driving the region’s economic growth and job creation. GBB’s forward-looking approach embraces implementable solutions supported by cutting-edge technologies like turning waste into renewable chemicals and energy.

NSAC brings a diverse mix of voices to the SWEEP family with stakeholders ranging from individuals to businesses.  NSAC envisions a circular economy blossoming in the United States with the work central to their mission focusing around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).  EPR is a policy approach designed to shift the responsibility for managing the entire lifecycle of a product, especially its environmental impact, from the consumer back to the producer. The concept recognizes that manufacturers have a significant role to play in minimizing the environmental and social impacts of their products, even after those products have reached the end of their useful life.

By joining SWEEP, GBB and NSAC gain access to research, special groups, networking, and the chance to reshape industry standards. This collaboration, uniting different players around sustainable materials management (SMM), opens doors for creative solutions that go beyond the usual waste management playbook.

Join fellow SMM leaders like these by becoming a SWEEP member today! Reach out at [email protected] or visit to sign up.

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