The US Composting Council (USCC) has made significant changes to its Target Organics Hub website as it implements new marketing strategies to assist municipalities across the U.S. in developing their own composting programs and facilities to accept food scraps. This new marketing plan includes an increased online presence and greater collaboration with state chapters and USCC members.

The USCC launched the Target Organics Hub in 2020 in response to an increasing interest in municipalities expanding existing yard waste composting facilities to accept food scrap. The goal of the Hub is to act as a launchpad, providing extensive information on how to develop one’s own program, share the benefits of composting and answer any initial questions that may arise. While successful in this goal, the site had experienced technical difficulties with page navigation, links and content placement.

In April, the USCC and the Target Organics Committee began developing a new strategic marketing plan, finalizing website corrections made by a committee of member experts and adding a new USCC staff liaison to assist in distributing responsibilities. The new marketing plan hopes to encourage increased collaboration with state chapters and USCC members in the hopes of providing greater visibility for municipalities who may be interested.

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