Tealinc Offers Industry Scholarship Now Taking Applications! Forsyth, MT – Tealinc, Ltd., a railcar operating lessor, rail transportation manager, rail transportation consultant, and railcar broker, is excited to announce that it is now accepting applications for the 2019 scholarship program. The program will award two – $1,000 scholarships to the best qualified candidates. The scholarship program is open to the child (or dependent) of a person working in an industry that raises, manufacturers or produces goods or provides services or is involved in transporting them. Examples of industries supported are farming/ranching, coal mining and transport, scrap steel recycling, steel production, fertilizer, minerals (iron ore, potash ash, soda ash, etc.), commodity and finished goods transportation (rail, truck, barge), grain, grain products, food manufacturing, lumber, building materials, aggregates, stone, sand and gravel, etc. Candidates must be enrolled in or in the process of being enrolled in a two year technical school, two or four-year college or a trade school by March 30, 2018 in order to receive the scholarship.

Candidates interested in applying for a scholarship should follow the guidelines at http://www.tealinc.com/news-education/tealinc-scholarship/.

For more information, visit www.tealinc.com.