Team Biogas®, with over 20 years in anaerobic digestion, announces a new partnership with SENTRY™ to integrate SENTRY™ systems into digesters, aiming to boost reliability and output in biogas production. The core of this partnership is the deployment of SENTRY™’s real-time consumable Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA)  monitoring systems. These systems are designed to closely monitor the health of biomass within digesters. By combining Team Biogas®’s industry knowledge with SENTRY™ technology, they aim to solve the longstanding challenges faced by digesters, particularly in managing costs and upset prevention. For digester operators, this means more precise control over feed rates and volumes without risking souring, leading to improved digester performance and increased biogas yield.

The partnership extends to research initiatives, such as the recent collaboration with the University of California, Davis. Here, the SENTRY™ system is being used to understand the OLR in a project focused on reducing the costs associated with organic waste disposal and promoting on-site energy generation. This project exemplifies our commitment to developing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for waste management. The partnership benefits from the extensive experience of industry experts like Tom Hintz, who has been instrumental in advancing AD technology. Our collaboration with SENTRY™ is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation in the field.

This partnership represents a significant step forward for digester operators, offering them advanced tools and technologies to optimize their processes. By enhancing the efficiency and reliability of digesters, Team Biogas® and SENTRY™ are working towards a future where sustainable energy production and waste management are more accessible and effective for all. “Team Biogas is pleased to represent this innovative product”, said Mark Hintz, Director of Sales for Team Biogas®.

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