How dumpster companies across the country expand their operations with innovative partnerships.

Sara Cifani

We can all agree that owning a dumpster rental company is a highly competitive business. Depending on the number of well-established haulers in your region, it might be difficult to build a relationship with large construction companies. Without strategic marketing tactics in place, you might miss the residential customer searching online for a dumpster rental. If you miss calls or leave customers waiting on hold during peak season, you ultimately miss revenue.

In an ideal world, your strategic partner will cover these bases for you. Whether you dream of building your own transfer station or simply aspire to strengthen your local operations, a strategic partner acts as an extension of your business to help you expand your reach and tap into new opportunities.

What’s the Difference Between Brokers and Strategic Partners?
Dumpster brokers are third-party businesses that provide leads to local dumpster companies. Brokers act as a middleman and price search on behalf of their customers to find the cheapest rate, offering little to no support to local dumpster businesses aside from a few one-off orders.

With a strategic partner, your company can create a long-term, personalized partnership. Not only will you receive consistent, ready-to-go orders, but you’ll have a dedicated team working with you to provide the insight you need to take your operations to the next level.

“We’ve worked with since January of 2018. Our partnership has helped us to continue expanding in our region,” said Anthony J. Spitalieri, COO of Hauling at United Material Management. “They’re hands-on, true professionals, and have visited our operation in person and toured our Massachusetts facilities.”

Read below to see what other waste haulers across the country say about their experience with strategic partnerships.

New Jersey Waste Removal Company Sees Increase in Roll Off Sales
Direct Waste Services is a family-owned dumpster rental company with over 50 years of industry experience. Serving North, Central and Southern New Jersey, Direct Waste Services handles residential, commercial and construction waste removal. In 2012, they started working with a strategic partner so they could cover a greater area of New Jersey and continue growing. Over the last eight years, this relationship has helped their company to generate more orders and increase efficiencies.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” said John E. Gunnello, Owner and President of Direct Waste Services. “From 2017 to 2018, the number of orders we got increased by 58%. Then from 2018 to 2019, we received 53% more orders than the previous year. We have seen a major jump in our roll-off division by working with a strategic partner.”

When Gunnello’s team receives an order from, they simply need to provide the service. This saves his staff valuable time away from sales so they can focus their energy on day-to-day operations, also allowing more opportunity to grow other areas of the business. “We were able to streamline our sales division and focus our efforts on commercial sales,” Gunnello said. “A major benefit is that, while we have serviced over 3,000 customer sites, it’s all controlled and managed through one source. The fact that we’re not chasing an A/R speaks volumes.”

Working with a strategic partner, Direct Waste Services is able to streamline communications with a single point of contact for large quantities of dumpster orders.

Rapid Expansion for Up-and-Coming Virginia Trash Hauling Team
Headquartered in Chester, VA, Choice Waste Services offers roll-off dumpster rentals, front load bins and curbside collection services. This family-owned company’s founders, Shawn Anderson and Jim Talpas, sought a strategic partnership at the beginning of their business journey. After just three years in the industry, Choice Waste Services has grown to cover much of Central Virginia with the hopes of servicing additional locations in the future.

“Between the years of 2017 and 2018, we jumped 78% in orders through our partnership. And in 2019, we saw 75% more orders year over year,” said Jim Talpas of Choice Waste Services. “The increase in business with this relationship over the years has helped us to start planning to expand our services into a new market. We highly recommend partnering with a team like this if you’re looking to tap into the true potential in your local area.”

A strategic partner will help you recognize different customers you may not have previously reached within your existing service area so you can establish a stronger market share. With this knowledge, haulers have the opportunity to budget for assets that will help them expand. Whether you hope to invest in new trucks, more equipment or even a transfer station, your strategic partner will help you take steps toward your business goals.

Reputable Dumpster Company Continues to Grow With Strategic Partnership in Six States
With more than 30 years of solid waste industry experience, Meridian Waste operates several dumpster fleets and manages multiple landfills and transfer stations in North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. They work closely with a strategic partner across their operational footprint to capture new customers and gain additional business insights.

“Our business relationship with has been positive for Meridian Waste, driving revenue growth and operational density in our marketplaces,” said George Sides, Corporate Revenue Manager at Meridian Waste. “I believe the reason this relationship has been so beneficial for both parties is due to open and immediate communications, understanding each other’s business strengths and relying upon those strengths to provide competitive pricing and quality solid waste services to the ultimate end user.”

Strategic partners provide a dedicated point of contact to manage your relationship and focus on your business plans. Your account manager will help you find opportunities, no matter how big or small your goals might be. You are in control of what you get out of the partnership, whether you are looking to tap into a new customer base in your core area or expand your services into a neighboring state.

Florida Dumpster Rental Company Expands Coverage to Six Major Cities
Family-owned and operated, All-Star Disposal & Recycling provides commercial, industrial and residential dumpster rental services across Florida. With more than 15 years of industry experience, they have established a strong presence in six cities by offering great pricing and excellent service. “We visited with in 2018 and, since we partnered with them, we’ve been able to grow across Florida in Tampa, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Sarasota and Spring Hill,” said Herbie Rivera, President of All-Star Disposal & Recycling. “Our partnership has helped us provide competitive pricing in these areas to keep customers coming back to us. In 2019 alone, we got 2,562 orders through them. These orders come directly to us, ready to go, so we can focus our energy on providing great, timely service.”

With a nationwide perspective on the waste industry, your strategic partner will make sure you are not only priced competitively in your region, but can also perform services promptly. With these key factors in place, you can work as a team to offer consistent service year-round.

Whether you have decades of waste industry experience under your belt or you’re just starting your business, a true strategic partner will adapt to your unique needs and speak your language. This relationship offers a keen insight into your core market as well as surrounding areas. Whatever your goals may be, a strategic partner will help you achieve them.

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“Helping our partners grow is one of the most satisfying aspects of working at,” said Jon Harting, Director of Strategic Partnerships at “Through our intimate market knowledge based off comprehensive analytics, we can help guide, not only newer roll off companies, but well-established businesses in their markets. Haulers across the country have looked to to help identify what assets they should acquire and where to deploy them. Whether it is a question around what size dumpsters to purchase or what zip code to service, our data can help make those decisions easier.”

At, our dedicated marketing and sales teams leverage our network of national, regional, and local customers to generate new business for our haulers. The companies that jump in with both feet reap the rewards we offer in many aspects of their business. Consistent orders and predictable revenue help our haulers keep inventory moving. With simplified ordering, efficient communication, and consolidated billing, our partners can really focus on what they do best: running an efficient hauling operation and providing great service.

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