It’s 2020 and green is in. People are ditching plastic straws and carefully sorting recycling to lower their environmental footprint. Green jobs are one of the fastest growing job sectors, meaning for some the green movement isn’t just a lifestyle- it’s an occupation. Of course, while individual contributions are important, where you live impacts lifestyle.

Ever wonder which cities are the greenest cities in America? Sure, some cities are very loud about their environmental accomplishments, but which cities are actually the most environmentally friendly? We examined the numbers to find the most environmentally friendly cities in the US.

Greenet Cities

The results? While hearing the term green may bring to mind young and hip west coast cities, that doesn’t reflect the data. San Diego is the only west coast city in the top 10. Overall, diverse cities from all regions of the US made the top 10.

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Author: Kathy Morris, Zippia