The winners of the Competitive Funding Grant (CFG), a program provided by The Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Solid Waste Management District, were announced during the recent Board of Directors meeting on 4/3/24. This program was established to offer financial support to local governments, institutions, and non-profit organizations for their solid waste initiatives. Each year, a set amount of money is allocated in the budget for this purpose. A committee within the District, comprising representatives from each county, evaluates all grant applications and then presents recommendations to the Board of Directors. The OSS Board then takes the recommendations from the grant committee and votes to approve the funding for local solid waste reduction initiatives. Grant applications are awarded in two equal rounds, in January and June. Here are the winners from the January round. 

The upcoming round of Competitive Grant Funding from the Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Solid Waste District will conclude on June 30th. Local governments, institutions, and non-profit organizations operating within The District that are interested in applying for the next CFG should start preparing their applications early. All application submissions must be completed by June 30th. For additional details about the CFG, feel free to reach out to OSS Director Gary Baty at [email protected] or call 419-334-7222 ext. 1. For a full list of previous grant winners, or to get started with applying for the June round, go to 

The CFG program plays a crucial role in The OSS District’s mission to ensure quality waste stream management for its residents and to foster long term positive solid waste habits including recycling, reduction, reusing and buying of recycled products. By promoting the purchase of recycled products within local communities, the Competitive Funding Grant program plays a crucial role in fostering a circular economy. This approach not only reduces waste but also conserves resources and minimizes environmental impact. Embracing a circular economy is essential for the long-term success of recycling initiatives on a global scale. Through initiatives like the CFG program, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. 

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