This week during the annual WasteExpo conference, Together for Safer Roads (TSR) and the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) announced new independent “small hauler” fleets that will be participating in the FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program.

The FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program, TSR’s signature workforce development safety program, helps independent fleet operators develop their safety culture with expertise and best practices drawn from TSR’s diverse group of leading fleets and technology companies. The comprehensive FOCUS program is structured around three key pillars—Training and Development, Safety Leadership, and Technology—and includes executive coaching and before and after benchmarking.

TSR, in collaboration with NWRA, expanded this critical training initiative to address the unique challenges and needs of independent haulers in the waste and recycling industry. Additional program highlights include:

  • Inclusive Training: The program is designed for independent haulers, acknowledging the unique characteristics of this cohort.
  • Beyond Compliance: Recognizing the time and resource constraints faced by independent and midsize fleets, the program goes beyond mere compliance, offering practical insights and expertise to establish premier fleet safety programs.
  • Saving Lives, Creating Change: With a focus on creating real and sustained changes, the program aims to not only enhance road safety but also to foster positive transformations within participating organizations.

Those fleets participating in the new FOCUS cohort include:

  • Troiano Waste Services, Inc. in Portland, Maine
  • Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina
  • Walter’s Recycling & Refuse Inc. in Blaine, Minnesota
  • KAL Services, Inc. in Pella, Iowa
  • Anchor Disposal in Clayton, North Carolina
  • Rio Grande Waste Services, Inc. in El Paso, Texas
  • Liberty Disposal, Inc. in Hampstead, North Carolina
  • West Central Sanitation in Willmar, Minnesota
  • Sanico, Inc. in Delaware, New Jersey
  • Balcones Resources in Austin, Texas

“We recognize the essential role independent haulers play in ensuring safer roads, and we’re dedicated to equipping this segment with the tools and resources they need for a safer waste and recycling industry,” said Peter Goldwasser, executive director of Together for Safer Roads. “TSR is looking forward to working with these 10 new fleets across eight states through the FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program.”

“Tailored for independent haulers, the FOCUS program prioritizes their distinct needs, equipping them with practical strategies to build top-tier fleet safety programs,” said Kirk Sander, chief of staff and vice president of safety and standards for the National Waste & Recycling Association. “By transcending mere compliance, it empowers participants to enact lasting change, ensuring safer roads and transformative impacts within their organizations.”

New participants also have weighed in on the upcoming FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program, including:

Troiano Waste Services in Portland, Maine: “Prioritizing road and fleet safety isn’t just essential—it’s our responsibility. Continuous education on safety practices is the cornerstone of our commitment to safer travels. Looking ahead to the Together for Safer Roads FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program, we eagerly anticipate gaining invaluable insights. We’re excited to absorb new strategies and best practices to bolster our fleet’s safety measures. With each lesson learned, we reinforce our dedication to protecting our drivers, vehicles and communities. Together, let’s pave the way for safer roads and a brighter future.”

Morgan Rutherford with Liberty Disposal in Hampstead, North Carolina, said in a video about the upcoming FOCUS training: “Road and fleet safety isn’t just about following the rules; I believe it’s about keeping everyone safe and aware while out on the road. That’s where the ongoing education comes in. We have to stay on top of the latest techniques and technologies to make sure that we’re compliant and doing things the correct way. Whether it’s mastering new skills or keeping up with regulations, it’s all about making sure we’re doing our job safely and efficiently. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about getting the job done; it’s about making sure that our drivers go home safely every day.

“I am thrilled about the upcoming TSR Fleet Safety Training Program because I think it’s going to be a great knowledge booster and a way to learn about the new technologies and solutions that can help keep our fleet safer every day.”

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