Together for Safer Roads (TSR) and The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) are announcing a partnership aimed at extending the FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program to independent haulers within the waste and recycling industry. This collaboration builds on the success of the program in fostering safe and efficient fleet operations, and it represents a significant step towards enhancing safety cultures and achieving Vision Zero goals.

The FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program, TSR’s signature workforce development safety program, helps independent fleet operators develop their safety culture with expertise and best practices drawn from TSR’s diverse group of leading fleets and technology companies. The comprehensive FOCUS program is structured around three key pillars: Training and Development, Safety Leadership and Technology, and includes executive coaching and before and after benchmarking. 

Now, TSR, in collaboration with NWRA, seeks to bring this critical training initiative to independent haulers, addressing the unique challenges and needs of this segment within the waste and recycling industry.

Additional Program Highlights:

  • Inclusive Training: The program is designed for independent haulers, acknowledging the unique characteristics of this cohort.

  • Beyond Compliance: Recognizing the time and resource constraints faced by independent and mid-size fleets, the program goes beyond mere compliance, offering practical insights and expertise to establish premier fleet safety programs.

  • Saving Lives, Creating Change: With a focus on creating real and sustained changes, the program aims not only to enhance road safety, but also to foster positive transformations within participating organizations.

“Small–to-mid-size fleets account for roughly 88% of all commercial fleets on the road, “said Peter Goldwasser, Executive Director of Together for Safer Roads. “The FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program is a commitment to saving lives and creating safer roads. We are excited to partner with NWRA and to be recognizing the integral role that independent haulers play in the waste and recycling industry.”

“Our partnership with TSR and the expansion of their FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program underscore our dedication to ensuring that every operator, regardless of size, has access to the tools and knowledge needed for a comprehensive fleet safety program,” Kirk Sander, Chief of Staff and Vice President of Safety and Standards at The National Waste & Recycling Association. “We’re not just promoting compliance; we’re fostering a culture of safety that goes above and beyond.”

“Safety isn’t just a priority in the waste and recycling industry – it’s a fundamental necessity. With years of experience serving this vital sector, Qworky is proud to be working with TSR to implement the FOCUS program to empower independent haulers with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to uphold the highest standards of safety.” said Qworky co-founder Jessica Whitaker, M.S., PHR

NWRA and TSR are in the process of identifying fleets to participate in this new FOCUS cohort.  Companies that are interested in participating or learning more are encouraged to reach out. 

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