The new TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine (RVM) for drink container recycling has now begun market tests in selected stores in four European countries, announces global reverse vending leader TOMRA Collection. Coinciding with the leap year’s “Leap Day” on 29 February, the multi-feed TOMRA R2 seeks to take leaps and bounds forward in reverse vending usability and design – suitable even for smaller stores, and redefining how a reverse vending machine looks and feels. The in-store tests are taking place at a number of supermarkets in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland, to involve both retailers and recyclers in the development of the new RVM. The feedback and results will be used to further refine the product before the official launch in September 2024. 

TOMRA R2 will be the second product in the company’s multi-feed line, which allows recyclers to pour hundreds of bottles and cans into an RVM, rather than inserting them one by one. The machine will start processing the containers while the user continues to pour them in. The first product, TOMRA R1, in January reached 500 installations in 16 countries. TOMRA R1 is designed for retailers with high volumes of container returns, while TOMRA R2’s smaller physical footprint makes it suitable for a wider range of stores, even for smaller ones. TOMRA R2 previewed as the multi-feed concept at 2023’s EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair. 

“TOMRA R2 rethinks recycling: it takes the next leap in design and makes multi-feed returns available to even more stores,” said Jonas Døvik, Product Manager for multi-feed solutions at TOMRA Collection. “We are excited to test TOMRA R2 live in the market with our retail partners. Think of it as a game-changer in reverse vending, offering a fast and rewarding recycling experience that meets the needs and expectations of today’s busy retailers and consumers – and makes it even easier and more motivating to contribute to recycling.” 

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