The city of La Cañada Flintridge and the Chamber of Commerce have teamed up with LCF’s three trash haulers to give residents a chance to learn more about organics recycling and their waste providers through three town hall meetings that took place in October. With the introduction of state Senate Bill 1383 and LCF’s start to organics recycling, residents have expressed questions and concerns. The town hall meetings were “the vision of the City Council,” Management Analyst Joshua Jeffrey told the Outlook Valley Sun. “The Solid Waste Subcommittee saw a need for additional outreach and felt that the Chamber of Commerce would be a good partner with their extensive history of community projects.”

Each waste hauler created a presentation with a Q&A. Though the meetings were mainly focused on organics recycling, “Residents were encouraged to ask any questions they might have on solid waste,” said Jeffrey, adding that the town halls are important for the community for a few reasons. “Town halls provide an opportunity for people to physically connect,” he added. “Instead of being simply a truck on their street, residents can meet the people behind these important services and establish relationships with their haulers.”

The meetings also reinforce the concept of organics recycling, said Jeffrey, noting “Town halls are a conversation,” he said. “Residents have been able to ask questions which they have struggled with for a while — like how to recycle a k-cup or even why organic recycling is required.”

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Author: Mia Alva, Outlook Valley Sun
Image: Mia Alva, Outlook Valley Sun