Natural Evolution Inc., one of the highest certified electronic waste recycling companies in Tulsa, encourages people to drop off their Christmas lights and other electronics. CEO of Natural Evolution Inc. Traci Phillips said they are working with the Metropolitan Environmental Trust and the City of Tulsa, and they do this on annual basis. She said they average 3 million to 3.5 million pounds of electronic waste every year.

She said they’ve recycled a variety of things from small electronic devices, printers, radio devices, house hold appliances, Christmas lights, TVs, etc. She said different materials and metal types are separated during the recycling process, and hazardous materials are either recycled or disposed of properly. “We also track all of our downstream vendors to the final destination continuously,” Phillips said.  “To ensure that all materials are recycled properly and taken care of in ways that they’re supposed to be, and don’t end up in place that they’re not.” Natural Evolution Inc. has drop off Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and pull up to the front door.

“We have cameras all around our facility, so we’ll actually see you,” Phillips said. “We’ll meet you at the front door to unload your vehicle and put it in our drop off box.” She said some of the materials are manually dismantled at their facility, except fir hard drives or data containing devices, which are either shredded or degaussed. They said the rest of it is either dismantled at one of their partners or through a shredding facility. She said they see a surge in drop offs after Black Friday and Christmas after people get new electronic devices. “We make it as easy as possible,” Phillips said.

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Author: Fox 23 News
Image: Fox 23 News