UConn has established a detailed plan to measure progress and achieve a wide range of sustainability goals, a commitment that President Radenka Maric describes as foundational to the University’s core values and mission. The UConn Sustainability Action Plan delineates specific actions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030; conserve resources; integrate sustainability across UConn’s academic and research activities; ensure equity and engagement; and establish partnerships and support innovation to address sustainability challenges.

“The Sustainability Action Plan outlines our strategic framework to cultivate a culture of environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic viability across all facets of our institution … (It) embodies our unwavering commitment to lead by example, embrace innovation, and create a resilient and sustainable future for our University and beyond,” Maric wrote in its introduction.

It complements UConn’s Strategic Plan, interweaving five key sustainability objectives with the 10-year strategic plan’s initiatives in academics, research, inclusivity, and other critical areas. The Sustainability Action Plan’s emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations also has inspired this month’s launch of UConn’s new ECollaboration Sustainability Network (ESN), a forum for students, faculty, and members to network, collaborate, and share sustainability-related information.

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