The US government is wrapping up a 100-day review of the country’s supply chains in key areas such as e-mobility this week. The White House is presented with reports from several federal agencies, which could be released soon. So far, everything points to increasing battery recycling capacity across the US.

The supply chain analysis for battery resources goes back to an earlier Executive Order President Joe Biden ordered in late February. The investigation was to cover a 100-day review across federal agencies to address vulnerabilities in the supply chains of “four key products”. These were not limited to electric vehicle production and included “critical minerals” such as carbon fibre and chips.

In its latest report, Reuters confirmed the above priorities. They added that administration officials said that Biden wants the US to become the leading market for electric vehicles by stressing domestic battery recycling. Biden said he is relying on mines in allied countries to source new metals for use in electric vehicles. The US government is also looking for ways to reduce metal use in new battery chemistries through efforts in R&D, the news agency reports.

While the US has raw material resources, securing enough cobalt, lithium and other raw materials to make EV batteries is complex, with domestic mines facing regulatory hurdles and environmental opposition, according to Reuters. Domestic recycling would help the administration to rely less on mining to manufacture new electric vehicles. Tools include direct investment in recycling projects and scientific research and funds approved by Congress.

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Author: Nora Manthey,