Veolia North America has released its annual Sustainability Report, featuring the results of Veolia’s program to set ambitious sustainability goals, which allowed their clients and communities to save energy, reduce waste and preserve precious natural resources. Veolia North America has made significant strides toward a number of sustainability commitments, including diagnosing and generating biodiversity action plans in 79% of their sites as well as reducing 2.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Recognized for its innovation, Veolia was presented with a 2019 SEAL Environmental Initiative Award for its Hubgrade smart monitoring system, which helps buildings manage their energy use. Veolia has also received recognition for its sustainable development goals from the industry-leading external rating agencies including CDP, Ecovadis and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

The report highlights where Veolia has demonstrated superior execution and performance for its customers and facilitates businesses’ shift toward green, circular solutions. For example, the evaluation of a 2.8 million square foot industrial complex led to a reduction of its energy use by 20%. The company’s efforts helped a food manufacturer divert 40 tons of waste from landfills as well as assisted an oil and gas producer in water-stressed California to reuse 50% of their produced water – so much so that 20,000 barrels a day was clean enough to recharge a local creek.

“I am thrilled that our company remains focused on circularity and ecological transformation, delivering the essential services that people rely on to persevere,” said Brian Clarke, president and CEO of Veolia North America. “Veolia North America is committed to solving green challenges and delivering innovative, creative solutions for the future. We are providing superior service while protecting our environment and meeting our mission goals around sustainability.”

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