December 2016 IssueDecember 2016

In this issue: Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority: A Future Without Landfills • GIS: Making the Most of GIS and Mobile Mapping Solutions for Municipal Waste Management • Fuel Management: Winter is Coming • Scales: How to Weigh Recycling Waste • Personal Protective Equipment: The Next Chapter in Glove Ratings • Trash Treasures: Recycled Art: Turning Paper into Perfection • Waste Bin Tools Case Study: Stony Mountain Waste Management Mitigates Risks with Dyneema®

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November 2016 issue

November 2016

In this issue: Safety: Lock Out – Tag Out: A Fundamental Rule of Safety • Management: Waste Audits: Part of a Long-Term: Waste Diversion Program • Personal Protective Equipment: Fitting the Glove to the Task • International: Seven Secrets to Navigating International Markets • Guest Commentary: Is it Time to Take Away Disposable Coffee Cups? • Trailer Case Study: Custom Trailer Leads to Success for Bulk Trucking Fleet • Trash Treasures: Showcasing Recycling Fashion • Truck Scale Case Study: Problem Solved! Switch from Electronic Load Cells to Hydrostatic

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October 2016 issue

October 2016

In this issue: City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division: Safe, Efficient, Effective and Courteous • Transfer Stations: Daily Routine: 7 Steps to Effective Wheel Loader Maintenance • Industry Trends: Food Waste Generation, Conversion and Management: End-of-Life • Trailers: Pre-Trip Inspection for Your Transfer Trailer • Trucks: Avoiding Backing Accidents: How Technology is Helping Drivers Avoid Tragedy • Scales: Trends in On-board Scale Systems for the Waste Industry • Personal Protective Equipment: Cut vs. Puncture vs. Needle Stick ◊ Event Preview: Take a Day to Play FORE! Science • Management: Going Green with Auto Shredders: “The Environmental and Economic Process” • Vintage History Corner: How One Small City Changed The Industry Forever • Dust Control Case Study:  C&D Recycler Employs Atomized Mist: Dust Suppression for a Safer Workplace

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September 2016 Issue

September 2016

In this issue:Recycling Trends: Managing Waste Streams • Transfer Stations: Types of Transfer Stations • Apparel: Hot Fashions for Cold Weather  • Scales: Advantages in Using On-board Scales in Construction and Demolition Waste Disposal • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Adventures in Bioreacting, Part 2 • Fleet Management Case Study: Knight Waste Services Optimizes Service Quality

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august 2016 issue

August 2016 

In this issue: Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District: Managing the Move from Solid Waste to Resource Management • Facilities Planning and Design: Hauling Company Facility Requirements • Landfills: 3 Mission-Critical Issues Threaten Efficient Landfill Operations • Trucks: The Hidden Cost of Extended Idling • Fleet Tracking: Fleet Tracking and Service Verification—What Are You Missing? • Safety Strategies: Quantifying Your Organization’s Risk • Management: Modern Billing Systems: A Short Comparison between the Old and the New • Food Waste Management: The Global Issue of Food Waste: Thinking Beyond the Table • Recycling: The “Green” Factor • Vintage History Corner: Front Loader Use on Residential Routes • Dust Control Case Study: MobyDick Helps to Control Working Conditions at Superfund Site

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July 2016 Digital Issue

July 2016 

In this issue: Harrison Industries: An Environmental Leader • Waste Conversion:Breaking Down Barriers • HHW: Household Hazardous Waste Collection: What’s Your Approach? • Planning and Analysis: Planning for Organics: A California Case Study • Safety: How Fleet Owners And Waste Collectors Can Work Together More Safely • Engines: Becoming More Efficient: Considering Modern Lean Burn Technologies • Show Preview: WASTECON® 2016: Get into the Fast Lane to the Future • Community Outreach: Go Green and Get Fit in Tullahoma • Containers: The Benefits of Using Container Positioning and Flotation Devices • Organics Case Study: Implementing a Comprehensive Food Waste Recycling Plan

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June 2016 Digital Issue

June 2016

In this issue: Lakeshore Recycling Systems: An Industry Game-Changer • Landfills: Integrating Drones Into Landfill Operations • Recycling: Dealing with Contamination in Recycling  • Maintenance: Clean Fuel Keeps Fleets Rolling • Facilities Planning and Design: The Power of a Team • Containers/Carts: Choosing the Right Bins for Your Recycling Program • Fleet Management: Route Management: Going Beyond Route Optimization • Composting: Key Components of a Successful Composting Operation • Industry Trends: CARB Certification: Going Through the Process

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May 2016

In this issue: City of Phoenix, AZ’s Solid Waste Division • Odor Control: Bioremediation: A Natural Way to Capture the Ambient Odors of Truck and Triage • Disaster Management: Accommodating Rapid Expansion in Waste Management: What to Do After a Disaster • Safety Strategies: Five Ways to Get Long-Term Value from Your Safety Solution • Roll-Offs: Think Safety and Environment in Roll-off Waste Container Disposal • Planning and Analysis: Financial Tools Assist in Completing Cost of Service Studies • Safety: The Invaluable Concepts Behind a Strong Safety Program • Guest Commentary: Technology Driving Safety • Vintage History Corner: The Ever Expanding History of the Roll-Off Truck • Recycling Case Study: It Takes a Village

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April 2016

In this issue:  Empire Group: Embracing the Reality of Constant Change • Leachates: Leachate Treatment Facilities: Teamwork for a Turnkey Facility • Trucks: The ROI of Ergonomically-Friendly Cabs • Truck Equipment: Top Five Must Have GPS Fleet Tracking Features • Insurance Issues: Alternative Risk Transfer and Other Ways to Turn Risk Into a Competitive Advantage • Regulations: EPA’s Rule Permitting Burning of Creosote-Treated Wood Under the Boiler MACT Rule • Safety: Safety Has to Be Personal • Management: Good Wolf, Bad Wolf: The Right Kind of Culture Matters • Landfill Gas Management: Landfill Gas Profiling and Extraction • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Adventures in Bioreacting, Part 1 • Vintage History Corner: C&O Manufacturing • Software Case Study: Trimble TerraFlex Helps San José Get Ready for the “Big Game” Bash

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March 2016

In this issue: Penn Waste: Empowering the Direction of Waste and Recycling • Trucks:Strengths of a Vocational Product • Waste Transportation: Is It Time To Specify Auxiliary Heating In Your Anti-Idling Program? • Fleet Management: Route Planning Software: The Key To Cutting Transportation Costs   • Landfills: Landfill Perimeter Gas Monitoring: Shortcomings of Multiple Chamber Probes • Roll-Offs: Steps to Transporting and Disposing of Demolition and Wastewater as a Single Unit • Event Highlight • Garbageman’s Invitational: Networking, Golf and Fun in the Sun • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer : Sounds Scary • Vintage History Corner: The EZ Pack Front Loader • Conveyors Case Study: Transporting Waste to Energy

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February 2016

In this issue: Inland Waste Solutions: 60 Years of Excellence • Industry Trends: Year in Review 2015: A Look Behind and a Look Ahead • Carts/Containers: Choosing a Cart and Container Manufacturer • Health Issues: Preventing an Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease • Shredders: What to Consider Before Incorporating Shredders into Your Production Line • Communication: Online Technology and the Hauler Industry: Resources, Benefits, and Best Practices • Recycling: The Benefits of Tire Recycling • Recycling: How to Add a Material to Your Recycling Program • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Transformative Moments • Vintage History Corner: A Game Changing Design

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January 2016 Digital IssueJanuary 2016

In this issue: Alpine Waste & Recycling: Committed to Innovation • Organic Recycling: Trends in Organics Recycling: Today vs. One Year Ago • Safety Update: OSHA Penalties Set to Skyrocket • Landfill Gas Management: Diverting Organic Waste: Alternative Solutions to Keeping Landfill Gas-to-Energy Projects Successful • CNG: Why Solid Waste and Recycling Fleet Operators Should Take an Active Role in CNG Fuel Tank Specification • Organic Recycling: Second of Two Parts: The 15 Benefits of Aerated Static Pile Composting • Planning and Analysis: Cash Flow Analysis Forestalls Long-Term Debt • Management : Private Equity Spotlight: How Private Equity Views the Waste and Recycling Industry • Vintage History Corner: A Family’s 65-Year Legacy • Landfills Case Study: Berkeley County Water & Sanitation Weathers the Maintenance Storm by Implementing an Alternative Subtitle D Closure Method

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