December 2017

december 2017 issueIn this issue: Cardinal Waste Services: Consistency and Perseverance • Odor Control: Odor Control at Waste Disposal Facilities • Routing: Optimized Drivers and Optimized Routes • Strategies: Waste Stream Contamination • Management: Savings on Postage Can Go a Long Way for Refuse Hauler • Screening: Recharge the Front End of your System • Vintage History Corner: History of New Way Trucks

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November 2017

november 2017 issueIn this issue: Black Earth Compost: Hard Work and Perseverance • Waste Transportation: Evolving Efficiencies in Food Waste and Organics Collection Operations • Transfer Stations: Best Practices: Tipping Floors • Management: The Essential Parts of a Competitive RFP • Fleet Maintenance: Preventing Hydraulic Hose Mishaps • Tire Recycling: Walkways for the Environment • Containers: The Future of Trash Collection: In-Ground Trash Containers • Event Wrap-Up: ISWA World Congress/WASTECON® 2017: Bringing Together International Collaboration and Innovation • Management: Empowering Haulers to Compete • Landfills: Two Eurosilo® Concept for Handling CCR Waste to Landfills • Event Wrap-Up: 2017 EREF Fall Classic & Networking Event: A Winning Combination • Safety Precautions when Handling and Disposing of Construction and Demolition Material • Strategies to Minimize Winter Fleet Corrosion

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October 2017

October 2017 issueIn this issue: Cal-Waste: 90 Years Strong • Disaster Planning: Disaster Damage Prevention Planning: Protecting Valuable Assets and Infrastructure from Flood Events • Landfill Operations: Conducting Landfill Audits • Scales: 3 Key Considerations When Installing New Scales/Scale House • Mandates: Waste Haulers and ELDs: What You Need to Know • Alternative Fuels: Delivering Compressed Natural Gas for America’s Fleets • Automation: The Future of Robotics in the Waste Industry • Safety: How to Get Your Hauling Company OSHA Compliant • Landfill GPS: Solid Waste Industry Embraces Drones: Transforming Topographic Mapping and Airspace Measurement • Recycling: Recycling Asbestos-Containing Materials • Guest Commentary: Trashnology: Technology Meets the Waste Collection

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September 2017

september 2017 issueIn this issue: The City of Baltimore’s Department of Public Works: Collaboration and Outreach • Facilities Planning and Design: Proper Planning of a Project • Landfills: Addressing the Use of Native Plants in the Re-Vegetation of Landfills • Safety: 5 Ways to Optimize Pedestrian Safety • Structures: Preparing a Site for a Fabric Structure • Strategies: A Method to the Madness: Process Improvement • Waste Conversion: Bioplastics Role in the New Plastic Economy • Logistics: Humans and Technology Working Together to Advance the Industry’s Standard Safety Practices • Management: 7 Solutions to Bring More Business to Your Waste and Recycling Company • Show Preview: ISWA World Congress & WASTECON® 2017: A Gathering From Around the World • Guest Commentary: Reflections on Cuba • Recycling: Mechanical Versus Aerodynamic Technologies

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August 2017

august 2017 issueIn this issue: Maintenance: The Economics and Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Spill Products • From The Experts: Image is Everything • International: The Collection of Municipal Waste in North Africa • Transfer Stations: Extending the Useful Life of Your Tipping Floor •Safety: Is There a Fire Epidemic Facing The Waste and Recycling Industry? • Industry Trends: Global Waste and Recycling Markets • Organic Recycling: The Hauler’s Cart Decision Should Not Be Organic • Equipment Case Study: Honolulu Disposal Service Keeps Citizens Safe, Drivers Accident-Free with PRECO Electronics’ PreView® Radar Systems • Trucks: How Turbines are Creating the Next-Generation of Clean, Efficient Fleets • Carts/Containers: Reducing Risk in the Trash Room: Five Things to Look for Before Choosing a Dumpster Moving Solution • Safety Brief: Fire Extinguishers: Your First Line of Defense Against Fires • Management: Servant Leadership in the Waste Industry • Waste Management Case Study: The Story Behind a First-Ever, New Underground Waste System Deployed in the U.S. • Composting: Understanding the Growing Compost Market • Personal Protective Equipment: Work Boots and Shoes: PPE for Your Feet

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July 2017

july 2017 issueIn this issue: Sprint Waste Services: Leading by Example • Fleet Management: Telematics for CNG Vehicle Fuel Management • Carts/Containers: Curb the Smell of Trash Day: Tackling Trash Odors Can Increase Resident Satisfaction and Improve Your Bottom Line • Landfill Gas Management: Prevent Operational Headaches by Taking Charge of Condensate • Recycling: Best Practices to Track Your Recycling Program • Spill Control: Sorbent Solutions • Equipment: Factors to Consider: Portable Restrooms on Construction Sites • Management: 5 Strategies to Attract Millennial Talent to Your Recycling Industry Business • Planning and Analysis: Funding a Solid Waste Fleet Replacement Program • Household Hazardous Waste: Tennessee’s Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program

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June 2017

June 2017 IssueIn this issue: Red River Waste Solutions: All in the Family • Scrap Recycling: Recipe for ROI • Leasing and Financing: Cost-Effective Strategies for Evolving Collection Equipment • The Benefits of Spring Brake Chambers Using a Welded Yoke Clevis • A Better Way for Waste Management Trucks to Reduce Blind Spots • Online Payment Portals • How Electronic Recycling Software Can Help E-Waste Recyclers • Video Smoke Detection for Waste Management Plants • The New Refillable 1 lb. Propane Cylinders: Sparking the Paradigm Shift Away From Disposables • What Glove Ratings Won’t Tell You • Optimizing Your System With Once A Week Collection • 10 Ways to Improve your Emergency Response Plan • Guest Commentary: A Death In The Family • Composting Case Study: Sustainable Cycle

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May 2017

may 2017 issueIn this issue: Beverly Companies: Serving a Diverse Customer Base • Financing: Equipment Financing Options: Banks vs. Private Finance Companies • Fleet Management: Top Five Reasons Why Integrated “Smart Truck” Solutions are the Way to Go • Facilities Planning and Design: Pitfalls of Planning Construction Projects at Existing Facilities • Truck Equipment: Waste Collection is Dirty Work … It’s Also Dangerous • Insurance Issues: Set Your Company Apart • Landfill Management: Planning for an Outbreak of Animal Disease • Shredding/Grinding: Pre-Shredding Heavily Contaminated Waste to Minimize Grinder Costs • Structures: Fabric Structures: Innovating the Waste Management Industry • Mapping: Using Maps for Scheduling Roll-Offs • Landfill Closure/Post-Closure Procedures: A New Methodology for Landfill Closures Allows for Benchless Designs • Containers: Closing Your Dumpsters: Choosing the Right Cover to Minimize Pollutants and Fines • Alternative Daily Covers: A No Brainer for Landfills • Profile Update: Catching Up with Waste Pro • Trash Treasures: National Garbage Man Day: A Week of Celebrating the Waste Industry • Event Preview: Garbageman’s Invitational: A National Networking Opportunity • Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Waste Conference Wanderlust • Containers/Carts Case Study: “Floating” a Positive Solution

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April 2017

april 2017 issueIn this issue: Santek Waste Services: Building Environmentally Strong Infrastructural Assets • Facilities Planning and Design: Making Way for CNG • Screening and Separating: The Difficulties of Screening Compost • Alternative Fuels: Making the Case for Electric Waste Transfer Vehicles • Route Optimization: Route Optimization Secrets of Success: Six Steps to Getting Results • Safety: Steps to Reducing Common Risks of Moving Heavy, Bulky Dumpsters • Separators: The Economics of Rebuilding Versus Buying New Equipment in the Recycling Industry • Fleet Management: The Internet of Things (IoT): Connecting Drivers, Vehicles and the Back Office • Trucks Case Study: The One Thing the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor Doesn’t Worry About • Waste Transportation: Second of Two Parts: Railroad “Think”: Understanding Logistics • Waste Conversion Case Study: Waste Conversion Technologies: Making Trash into Treasure to Drive the Circular Economy

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March 2017

march 2017 issueIn this issue: MRFs: Planning and Implementing a Facility Expansion • Roll-Offs: Comparing Hook-lift and Roll-off Cable Hoist Systems • Alternative Daily Covers: Rapid Response ADC? • Sustainability: Walking through the Food Waste Hierarchy • First of Two Parts: The Value in Rail Transportation Logistics • Personal Protective Equipment: How Safe is Safe Enough? • Food Waste Management: Reducing Industrial Food Waste• Wheels: Innovative Aluminum Wheel Solutions for Business Returns • Planning and Analysis: Developing a Master Plan for the City of Kirkwood, MO • Event Preview: Here Comes SWANApalooza 2017! • Vintage History Corner: The Ever Expanding History of the Front Load Refuse Truck

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February  2017

February 2017 issueIn this issue: Advanced Technology Recycling: Recover, Repurpose, Reuse • Industry Trends: 2016  Year in Review: Moving Forward • Facility Planning and Design Emergency Response • Computer Systems: Software Continuity Plan • Trucks: Are You Figuring the HCO When Purchasing a Truck? • Disposal Strategies: Oilfield Waste Disposal Alternatives • Personal Protective Equipment: Tips for Selecting Protective Eyewear • Zero Waste Case Study: Materials Management Success: Diamond Packaging

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January 2017

January 2017 IssueIn this issue: Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (FL) • Trucks: One Size Doesn’t Fit All • Composting Certification: U.S. Composting Council: Certifying People and Products • Leachates: Electro-Oxidation Promising for Landfill Leachate Ammonium Removal • Fleet Management: Reducing Vehicle Downtime is a Budget-Friendly Initiative • Separators: Modern Separation Equipment Increases Ferrous and Nonferrous Recovery Rates for MSW/MRF Facilities • Scales Case Study: SURVIVOR® in Shining Armor • Planning and Analysis: Conducting a Recyclables Materials Composition Study • Material Handling Case Study: Scrap Tires Reduced to Crumb Rubber with Help of Bulk Bag Dischargers

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