Waste Advantage Magazine 2017 Issues

 April 2017

april 2017 issueIn the Spotlight: Santek Waste Services: Building Environmentally Strong Infrastructural Assets ♦ Facilities Planning and Design: Making Way for CNG ♦ Screening and Separating: The Difficulties of Screening Compost ♦ Alternative Fuels: Making the Case for Electric Waste Transfer Vehicles ♦ Route Optimization: Route Optimization Secrets of Success: Six Steps to Getting Results ♦ Safety: Steps to Reducing Common Risks of Moving Heavy, Bulky Dumpsters ♦ Separators: The Economics of Rebuilding Versus Buying New Equipment in the Recycling Industry ♦ Fleet Management: The Internet of Things (IoT): Connecting Drivers, Vehicles and the Back Office ♦ Trucks Case Study: The One Thing the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor Doesn’t Worry About ♦ Waste Transportation: Second of Two Parts: Railroad “Think”: Understanding Logistics ♦ Waste Conversion Case Study: Waste Conversion Technologies: Making Trash into Treasure to Drive the Circular Economy

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March 2017

march 2017 issueMRFs: Planning and Implementing a Facility Expansion ♦ Roll-Offs: Comparing Hook-lift and Roll-off Cable Hoist Systems ♦ Alternative Daily Covers: Rapid Response ADC? ♦ Sustainability: Walking through the Food Waste Hierarchy ♦ First of Two Parts: The Value in Rail Transportation Logistics ♦ Personal Protective Equipment: How Safe is Safe Enough? ♦ Food Waste Management: Reducing Industrial Food Waste ♦ Wheels: Innovative Aluminum Wheel Solutions for Business Returns ♦ Planning and Analysis: Developing a Master Plan for the City of Kirkwood, MO ♦ Event Preview: Here Comes SWANApalooza 2017! ♦ Vintage History Corner: The Ever Expanding History of the Front Load Refuse Truck

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February 2017

February 2017 issueIn the Spotlight: Advanced Technology Recycling: Recover, Repurpose, Reuse ♦ Industry Trends: 2016  Year in Review: Moving Forward ♦ Facility Planning and Design Emergency Response ♦ Computer Systems: Software Continuity Plan ♦ Trucks: Are You Figuring the HCO When Purchasing a Truck? ♦ Disposal Strategies: Oilfield Waste Disposal Alternatives ♦ Personal Protective Equipment: Tips for Selecting Protective Eyewear ♦ Zero Waste Case Study: Materials Management Success: Diamond Packaging

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January 2017

January 2017 issueIn  the Spotlight: Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (FL) ♦ Trucks: One Size Doesn’t Fit All ♦ Composting Certification: U.S. Composting Council: Certifying People and Products ♦ Leachates: Electro-Oxidation Promising for Landfill Leachate Ammonium Removal ♦ Fleet Management: Reducing Vehicle Downtime is a Budget-Friendly Initiative ♦ Separators: Modern Separation Equipment Increases Ferrous and Nonferrous Recovery Rates for MSW/MRF Facilities ♦ Scales Case Study: SURVIVOR® in Shining Armor ♦ Planning and Analysis: Conducting a Recyclables Materials Composition Study ♦ Material Handling Case Study: Scrap Tires Reduced to Crumb Rubber with Help of Bulk Bag Dischargers

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