December 2018

DEC2018In the Spotlight: The City of Lebanon, Tennessee’s Gasification Initiative: Clean and Green

Adopting a solution that effectively reduces wood waste and sewage sludge, the City of Lebanon’s gasification project diverts more than 16,000,000 pounds of waste from landfills every year, cleanly producing electricity to help power the wastewater treatment plant.

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November 2018

Novcover2018In the Spotlight: Women in Solid Waste & Recycling:Promoting Leadership Development

Striving to make an impact in the waste and recycling industry, WISR was created with the vision to ensure that women have the tools and support they need to be successful leaders and diversify decision-makers.

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October 2018

Oct-cover-2018_300In the Spotlight: Stericycle: Protecting What Matters

Managing medical and hazardous waste in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner, Stericycle’s focus has been to keep on top of changing regulations, provide disposal infrastructures, and be a strong partner while putting customers first.

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September 2018

SEPT-2018RIndustry Trends: China’s Recycling Import Ban: Uncertain Times for Solid Waste Agencies

We are living in uncertain times and there are tough decisions ahead for solid waste agencies. This article summarizes current market conditions for recyclables in the the era of the post-Chinese import ban, which went into effect on January 1, 2018, and suggests some short- and long-term solutions.

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August 2018

August2018-coverIn the Spotlight: Metro Nashville and Davidson County
Public Works Department, Waste Management Program: Planning for the Future

Currently working on a long-term zero waste plan for Nashville and Davidson County, the Public Works Department works together to be proactive and look at ways that they can significantly reduce the waste being generated.

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July 2018

JulyCOVER2018 – 200×250In the Spotlight: Tennessee Recycling Coalition: Setting the Standard

Continuing to seek partners in their mission of reducing, reusing and recycling and sustainable materials management, the Tennessee Recycling Coalition tries to stress the importance of recycling while providing resources, education and outreach.

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June 2018

JUNE-COVER-2018-200×250In the Spotlight: Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse: Uniquely Responsive

Continuing to grow at a steady pace and focused on building a stronger company, Gainsborough Waste prides itself on giving back to the community while keeping up with operations effectively and efficiently, and training employees in advance of anticipated growth.

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May 2018

In the Spotlight: Marathon County Solid Waste, WI: Pulling Back the Curtain: From Trash to Community Treasure

Located in central Wisconsin, the Marathon County Solid Waste Department has a mission of providing the residents, businesses and organizations of the region with a cost-effective, comprehensive  and integrated waste management system.

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April 2018

In the Spotlight: Athens Services: Four Generations of Innovation

From humble beginnings to the largest independent recycling and solid waste services company in Los Angeles County, Athens Services has introduced near-zero emissions vehicles to its fleet, continued to use innovative technology to process mixed waste and to enhance recyclability and has been at the forefront of the organics movement, while also celebrating the many people that have given their entire career to work with the organization.

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March 2018

In the Spotlight: A.J. Blosenski, Inc. A Strong Foundation 

With a hands-on approach that involves strategic partnerships, giving back to the communities they serve and enthusiastically tackling challenges that come their way, A.J. Blosenski, Inc. continues to be one of the largest and most well-respected family owned trash and recycling companies in Pennsylvania.

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February 2018

In the Spotlight: Lemcor Inc.: Going the Extra Mile ♦ Industry Trends: 2017 Year in Review: Driving Efficiency and Production ♦ Roll-Off Containers: Roll-Off Container Monitoring Revolutionizes the Waste Industry ♦ Facilities Planning and Design: Site Safety Details to Take into Consideration Before Breaking Ground ♦ Fleet Management: Solving the Driver Shortage by Analyzing Your “Big Data” ♦ Smart Technologies Roundtable: Smart Technologies and Their Impact on Collection and Transportation of Waste ♦ Leachate Management: Effectively Managing Landfill Leachate Odor Control with Permanganate ♦ Event Preview: SWANApalooza 2018: Reach New Heights in Denver ♦ Guest Commentary: Creating a New Waste Management Paradigm ♦ Software Case Study: Flexibility and Scalability: AMCS’ Platform Solution Helps Russell Reid Grow their Business

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January 2018

January 2018 issueIn the Spotlight: Mr.T Carting: Celebrating 70 Years ♦ Odor Control: Odor Emissions: A New Social and Legal Dynamic ♦ Composting: Turning Waste into a Valuable Product ♦ Trends: China and Recycled Commodities: The Perfect Storm? ♦ Landfill Gas Management: Proper Equipment Calibration Essential to Accurate Gas Sample Analysis ♦ Composting: 3 Tips Every City and Hauler Should Follow for a Successful Composting Program ♦ Recycling: Bin Durability and Reliability ♦ Inventory Management: Stopping the Leaks in your Stockroom ♦ Data and Technology: What is Your Waste Management New Year’s Resolution? ♦ Event Wrap-Up: 2017 Canadian Waste to Resource Conference and Waste & Recycling Expo Canada 2017 ♦ Maintenance Case Study: Waste Connections Drives Vehicle Uptime with JPRO® Professional

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