December 2018

DEC2018In this issue:  The City of Lebanon, Tennessee’s Gasification Initiative: Clean and Green • Alternative Daily Covers: A Look at Investing in ADC • Organic Recycling: Food to Fuel—It is Not as Easy as it Seems! • Insurance Issues: Culture Matters • Landfills: 3 Tips for Modernizing Your Landfill and Waste Management Plan • Sustainability: Steps to Sustainability Planning • Route Optimization Optimizing Recycling: Lessons from Home and Abroad • Organic Waste Ideas on Organic Waste Management • Sustainability Wise Material Usage Through Sustainable Materials Management: An Imperative for Our Future • Leasing and Financing The Benefits of Full Service Leasing • Recycling Reducing Waste Through Recycling Fiber • Waste Management The Role of Air Curtain Burners in Vegetative Waste Management • Are Humans as Wise as the Venus Flytrap?

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November 2018

Novcover2018In this issue: Women in Solid Waste & Recycling:Promoting Leadership Development • The Refuse Truck:Rent Vs. Buy Calculator • Management: Servant Leadership: A Path to Employee Retention • Containers: Best Features of Food Waste Collection Containers • Online Strategies: Dear Haulers: Meet the On-Demand Customer • Circular Economy: The Far-Reaching Impact of the Circular Economy • Containers: Designing Sustainable Containers • Simplicity and Scalability: County Waste and Recycling Leverages Technology to Help with Growth and Efficiency • Using Ozone for Composting Odor Control • Workforce Optimization Case Study: Leadpoint and Tri-County Recycling: Success Built on Collaboration

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October 2018

Oct-cover-2018_300In this issue: Stericycle: Protecting What Matters • Engines: A Proactive Approach to Idling Engines • Facilities Planning and Design Important Things to Take into Consideration When Building Your Project Timeline • Recycling 5 Ways Reusable Recycling Bags Make Recycling Easy for Multi-Unit Tenants • Fleet Management: By the Numbers: Smart Fleets are the Smart Choice • Trucks: Determining What Type of Decals Are Best for Your Vehicles • Waste Conversion: The Benefits of Onsite Heat and Power Generation • Landfills: The Environmental Impact of Birds in Landfills • Waste Incineration: A Holistic Approach to Waste Reduction • Material Handler Case Study: The Advantages of a Stationary Electric Material Handler • WASTECON® 2018: Looking Back on Sound Ideas and Innovation in Solid Waste Management • Landfill Case Study: Building Waste Capacity

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September 2018

SEPT-2018RIn this issue: China’s Recycling Import Ban: Uncertain Times for Solid Waste Agencies • Waste Transportation: Steps to Extending Your Vehicle’s Tire Life • Buildings/Shelters
The Benefits of Building on Shipping Containers • Oils/Lubricants: Used Oil Analysis and Tracking Top-Off Oil • Composting: Restaurants Play Key Role in Driving Increased Composting Initiatives • Recovery and Recycling: Recovering Agricultural Plastics: Obstacles and Opportunities • Oils/Lubricants Anaylsis: Extending Engine Life: The Importance of Lubricant and Oil Analysis with ICP-OES • California Resource Recovery Association’s Annual Conference & Trade Show: “Weathering the Storm • Guest Commentary: Wake Up Wall Street – It’s Waste! • Fluids Case Study: Getting Peak Performance and Longevity Out of Your Baler

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August 2018

August2018-coverIn this issue: Metro Nashville & Davidson County Public Works Department, Waste Management Program: Planning for the Future currently working on a long-term zero wasteFire Risk Mitigation: How to Reduce the Fire Risk Profile of Your Waste and Recycling Facility • Facilities Planning and Design: Determining When You Need Minor or Significant Repairs to Your Facility • Management: Building a Memorable Brand • Personnel: Attracting and Retaining Exempt Talent in Today’s Job Market • Financing: Could You Be Wasting Cash with the Wrong Financing Option? • Landfills: Using Engineered Synthetic Turf for Storm Water Management at Landfill Sites • Smart Technologies: 3 Practical Ways to Improve Fleet Efficiency with IoT Technology • Insurance Issues: Staying Focused: Mitigating Potential Increases at Your Next Renewal • Safety: Essential Steps to Drive Fleet Safety Forward • Maintenance: Wheel Loader Maintenance for Landfill Applications • Food Waste Management: Food Waste Recycling: Where Will it All Go? • Truck Equipment: Current Onboard Computer Technology Overview: Is Simple Better? • Landfills: Best Practices: How to Grow Your Landfill Operation Customer Base • Waste Conversion: Waste Conversion Technologies to the Rescue • Automation Case Study: A Higher Level of Service

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July 2018

JulyCOVER2018 – 200×250In this issue: Tennessee Recycling Coalition: Setting the Standard • Safety: A Systematic Approach to Reducing Trash and Waste Collection-Related Injuries • Driver Management: Opportunity Ahead: Tapping Drivers to Improve Fleet Safety and Efficiency • Planning and Analysis: Solid Waste Ratemaking: The Whys and How • Compliance and Regulations: Best Practices on How to Sustain Regulatory Compliance for Chemical Labeling • Management: 9 Post-M&A Integration Pitfalls Waste Management Executives Should Avoid • Odor Control: Clearing the Air: 3 Best Practices for Odor Control at MSW and Composting Facilities • WASTECON ® 2018 is Jam-Packed with Sound Ideas • Organics: Organics, Waste and Recycled Material Handling • Tires: Waste Fleets: Demand More from Your Tire Casings • Software: Best Practices for Choosing a Field
Service Software System • Containers: Choosing the Right Dumpster Size for your Project • Trailers: Procedures for Coupling and UncouplingYour Refuse Trailer

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June 2018

JUNE-COVER-2018-200×250In this issue:  Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse: Uniquely Responsive Industry Trends: Quality and Consolidation Driving M&A in Waste
Management and Remediation • Front/Side/Rear Loaders: Rent is No Longer a “Four-Letter” Word in Fleet Management • Truck Equipment: Giving Equipment Operators a “Sixth-Sense” to Avoid Accidents • Waste Conversion: Heat: The Forgotten Element of Farm AD • Software: Software Trends in Scrap Recycling • Roll-Offs: Benefits of the Roll-Off Truck • Construction & Demolition: Perfect Pairing • Personal Protective Equipment: Hi-Vis Clothing Comfort Advances WasteExpo 2018 Draws Fantastic Crowds and
Showcases Industry Technology • Waste Conversion Case Study: UK Facility Converts Food Waste into Renewable Electricity and Valuable Nutrients

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May 2018

In this issue: Marathon County Solid Waste Department, WI: Pulling Back the Curtain—From Trash to Community Treasure • Containers/Carts: Choosing a Residential Bear-Resistant Garbage Can • Odor Control: Mitigating Landfill Odors with a Non-Reusable Geosynthetic Film as Alternative Daily Cover • Conveyors: Introducing Conveyors Systems into Fabric Structures • Landfills: Wastewater Deep Injection Wells for Wastewater Disposal Industries Tap a Unique Resource • Facilities Planning and Design: Ensuring Your New/Upgraded Facility Meets Necessary Codes/Regulations • Separators: The Case for Producing Low-Copper Steel with Ballistic Separators • Environmental Redevelopment
Brownfields Redevelopment Program • The Solid Waste Industry “Reached New Heights” at SWANApalooza 2018 • Guest Commentary: A Solution to be Desired • Waste Transportation Case Study: Heritage Transport: Cutting Edge in the World of Environmental Waste Hauling

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April 2018

In this issue: Athens Services: Four Generations of Innovation • Trucks: 4 Tips for Enhancing the Safety of Your Fleet • Facilities Planning and Design Looking at an Expansion or New Facility? The Initial Feasibility Phase Can Make or Break You • Transfer Stations/MRFs: From Material Handling to Tires: Best Practices in Transfer Stations and MRFs • Vehicle Safety: How to Maximize the Safety for Waste Trucks and Operators • Training: Effective Safety Training is by Design • Financing: Banks Vs. Private Lenders • Truck Equipment: How Video Technology is Exonerating Drivers and Streamlining Operations in the Waste and Recycling Industry

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March 2018

In this issue: A.J. Blosenski, Inc.: A Strong Foundation • Trucks: Using Grapple Trucks as Part of Your Collection System • Food Waste Management: The Necessity of Frugality: America’s Fight with Food Waste • Trailers: The Green Light for Safety Waste • Landfills: Landfill Best Practices: Benchmarking for Improvement • Container Management: Tracking and Managing Container Assets • Shredders/Grinders: Add Mobile Shredding to Your Waste Hauling Business • Trucks: Options for Haulers When Converting a Rear Load Route to Front Load • Recycling Case Study: On the Road to Recycling

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February 2018

In this issue: Lemcor Inc.: Going the Extra Mile • Industry Trends: 2017 Year in Review: Driving Efficiency and Production • Roll-Off Containers: Roll-Off Container Monitoring Revolutionizes the Waste Industry • Facilities Planning and Design: Site Safety Details to Take into Consideration Before Breaking Ground • Fleet Management: Solving the Driver Shortage by Analyzing Your “Big Data” • Smart Technologies Roundtable: Smart Technologies and Their Impact on Collection and Transportation of Waste • Leachate Management: Effectively Managing Landfill Leachate Odor Control with Permanganate • Event Preview: SWANApalooza 2018: Reach New Heights in Denver • Guest Commentary: Creating a New Waste Management Paradigm • Software Case Study: Flexibility and Scalability: AMCS’ Platform Solution Helps Russell Reid Grow their Business

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January 2018

January 2018 issueIn this issue: Mr.T Carting: Celebrating 70 Years • Odor Control: Odor Emissions: A New Social and Legal Dynamic • Composting: Turning Waste into a Valuable Product • Trends: China and Recycled Commodities: The Perfect Storm? • Landfill Gas Management: Proper Equipment Calibration Essential to Accurate Gas Sample Analysis • Composting: 3 Tips Every City and Hauler Should Follow for a Successful Composting Program • Recycling: Bin Durability and Reliability • Inventory Management: Stopping the Leaks in your Stockroom • Data and Technology: What is Your Waste Management New Year’s Resolution? • Event Wrap-Up: 2017 Canadian Waste to Resource Conference and Waste & Recycling Expo Canada 2017 • Maintenance Case Study: Waste Connections Drives Vehicle Uptime with JPRO® Professional

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