March 2019

march2019In the Spotlight: The City of Irving, TX Solid Waste Service Department: Delivering Exceptional Services • Aluminum Wheel Maintenance Matters! • Safety Brief Disposable Coveralls  • From the Experts: Trickle Down Effect • Marketing Strategies: Planning to Fail  • Get to Know … Adam Beeson • Conveyors: When It Comes to Conveyor Solutions: “One Size Does Not Fit All”  • Leachate Management: A “Natural” Approach to Leachate Management • Truck Equipment: Hooklift Systems Versus Cable Hoists in Today’s Waste Environment • Leasing/Financing: Look Close at Valuable 2019 Tax Deductions on Equipment • TrucksTier IV: The Climate of Change • Leachates: The Environmental Dangers of PFAS and Technologies for Removing Them • Training/Education: 3 Steps for Training Drivers on Vehicle Inspection Requirements • Management Addressing the Opposition to Change • Event Preview: Garbageman’s Invitational: Celebrating 10 Years

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February 2019

FEB2019In the Spotlight: kmG Hauling: Leading by Innovation • Industry Trends: 2018 Year in Review: An Industry in Transition • Alternative Fuels: Making Sure your Facility is Properly Equipped for a CNG Conversion • Landfills: Using a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Berm to Expand Existing Landfill Space • Trucks: Winter Weather: Driving in Less than Ideal Conditions • Waste Conversion: Evaluating the Business Case for Digestate Treatment • Scrap Recycling: Scrap Metal Fires: Mitigating Risk • Waste Conversion: Energy from Biomass • Event Preview: SWANApalooza 2019: Getting Technical and Building the Future • Industry Resources: PaintCare: “Painting Smarter”

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January 2019

JAN-cover-SMIn the Spotlight: Ryan’s Recycling: The Future of the Waste and Recycling Industry
Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Select a Qualified M&A Transaction Advisor • Composting: Leveraging Biodegradation and Composting to Divert Waste from Landfills • Oils/Lubricants: Proactive Maintenance is Key for Efficiency • Facilities Planning and Design: Optimal Surroundings • Fleet Management: The Ultimate Checklist for Selecting a GPS Tracking System for Your Waste Fleet • Tires: Retreads: A Reliable, Profitable and Sustainable Business Solution for Fleets • Safety: Reflective Tune-Up • Event Wrap-Up: Waste & Recycling Expo Canada and Canadian Waste to Resource Conference • Industry Resources: Call2Recycle’s Safety Campaigns: Avoid the Spark and Charge Up •  Safety • Guest Commentary: Could Opportunity Rise from the Chinese Recycling Crisis
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