August 2020

aug2020In this issue: Industry Trends: The Waste and Recycling Industry Evolution: Top Three Takeaways from the COVID-19 Crisis • Leasing/Financing: Looking to Borrow During COVID-19? Watch Out for These Three Fine-Print Restrictions • Filtration: Clearing the Air: A Guide to Choosing a High-Performance Air Filter to Protect Machines and Employees • Organics: Organics Diversion Opportunity: Are We Wasting It? • Waste Management: How to Properly Convert Cannabis Products into Cannabis Waste: Disposal Strategies for California Businesses • Fleet Safety: Fleet Management Tools for Safe Driving • Shredders: Evaluating Which Type of Shredder is Best for Your Operation • Equipment: Avoid Tanking Risks: Innovative Water Tanks Maximize Productivity and Safety • Tires: Under Pressure: Four Tips to Keep Tire Pressure at Optimum Levels • Fire Management Case Study: Keeping Cool with ecomaine

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July 2020

July2020In this issue: Tipping Floors: Making Them Healthy Again • Scrap Recycling: Calculating Your ROI for Scrap Metal Recycling: The Value of Handheld XRF • Scales: Waste Haulers Get on Board with On-Board Weighing• Waste Management: How to Develop a Waste Management Plan for Commercial Cannabis Operations • Containers/Carts: Clean Trash: Sort, Sanitize, Secure • Waste Collector Safety: Can Tools from Other Industries Help? • Scales: On-Board Scales Drive Greater Profits for Any Fleet Type or Size • Containers/Carts: Medical Bins: Where Do I Begin? • Leachate Management: Managing Leachate Effectively with Alternative Daily Covers

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June 2020

June2020In this issue: Organic Recycling: Organics 101: A Stakeholder’s Guide to Organic Waste Material and Potential Strategies for Processing • Industry Trends: Heroes on the Frontline in New York City • Landfills: The Future Landfill: Can New Technologies Make It Better and Safer? • Protective Equipment: Needs-Based PPE Prescription • Landfill Liners and Daily Covers: Magnetic Liner Anchor System • Food Waste Management: Moving Towards Preventing Food Waste • Landfill Gas Management: Considerations for Design of Gas Collection Systems for Landfills • Containers: Fighting Container Odor and Contamination • Recycling: Effective Public Outreach Instrumental to Successful Waste and Recycling Programs

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May 2020

May2020In this issue: Industry Trends: The Impact of COVID-19 on Waste and Recycling • Insurance Issues: COVID-19: Managing Your Business Insurance • Leasing/Financing: How Truck Rental Can Be a Useful and Viable Option During Uncertain Times • Management: Bringing Value to the Forefront of Waste Management • Maintenance Issues in Waste Hauler Exhaust Systems: The Causes, the Costs and the Search for Solutions • Carts/Containers: An Introduction to Garbage Can Lid Locks • Buildings and Shelters: Fast Business Expansion with Pre-Engineered Buildings and Easily Expandable Buildings • Trailers: What Type of Trailer is Best for Your Application? • Odor and Dust Control: The Many Ways to Spray • PFAS and Wastewater: Designing a Contingency Plan • Asbestos: A Never-Ending Epidemic • Tipping Floor Case Study: City of Rocky Mount’s Tipping Floor Replacement: A Great Success • Guest Commentary: The Real Cost of Wish-Cycling for Your City • Beyond the Workforce: Operations Support and Consulting

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April 2020

APRIL2020In this issue: Transfer Stations : Deliver an Effective Transfer Station Design through Comprehensive Programming and Analysis • Insurance Issues: Salting the Insurance Wound: Where Do We Go from Here? • Facilities Planning and Design: Designing and Operating Solid Waste Facilities for Durability • Fleet Management: Fleet Management: Then and Now • Roll-Offs: Roll-Off Containers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy • Facilities Planning and Design: Green Construction Requirements Widespread, Despite Some Opposition • Software: How to Register for and Use the EPA e-Manifest System • Guest Commentary: Why Recruiting Women W&R Leaders Should be Top Priority in 2020 • Planning and Analysis: Second of Two Parts The Florida Waste-To-Energy Project That Almost Never Was Built: Implementation • Buildings and Shelters Case Study: Composting Biosolids in Florida

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March 2020

MARCH2020In this issue: Macon-Bibb County, GA Solid Waste Department: Changing with the Times • Recycling: Fixing the Recycling Supply Chain: A Blockchain Solution •
Material Handling Equipment: Five Ways to Optimize Your Intelligent Sorter • Industry Trends: An Inside Look at the Global Waste and Recycling Market • Leachate Management: How is the Health of Your Landfill’s Circulatory System? • Training/Education: Essential Training Requirements for Hazardous Waste Haulers • Landfills: A Strategy to Tame Elevated Temperatures at Landfill Sites … and Keep Them from Developing • Software: Making the Switch to Electronic Billing: What You Need to Know • Pest Control: A Rundown on Mitigating the Effects of Garbage Can Pests • Trash Treasures: Making a LEGO® Idea ASL Garbage Truck Become a Reality • Planning and Analysis: First of Two Parts The Florida Waste-To-Energy Project That Almost Never Was Built

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February 2020

feb2020In this issue: Big’s Sanitation: Full Force Ahead • Fire Management: Preparing for the Next Steps • 2019 Year in Review: An Industry in Transition• Transfer Stations: MSW Transfer Station Safety • Landfills: A Solution for PFAS • Waste Transportation: Transfer Trailer Weighing Systems • Asset Management: Keeping Your Operations Profitable and Sustainable • Scales : 7 Essential Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a Truck Scale • Personal Protective Equipment: Back Belts: What Are They Good for? • Personnel/Staffing Case Study: Think Differently About MRF Wages and Headcount: New Approach. Bigger Impact • Event Preview: SWANApalooza is Back! • Tires Case Study Engine Biters Eat Through Tires • Safety in a Jam • Maintenance in Composting Fleet Management: From Fail-to-Fix to Predict-and-Prevent  • Six Most Forgotten Features at HHW Collection Facilities – Part 2: Local/Spot Exhaust Ventilation • Get to know: Albert Fralinger III

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January 2020

In this issue: A1 Organics: Continuing to Innovate • Industry Trends: Updates to GHG Regulations and Impacts to the Waste Industry • Odor Control: Odor Control Best Practices  • Business and Communication Tools: Data Clean-Up: Address Your Data Mess and Improve the Citizen Experience • Trailers: Between the Road and the Load: Calculate True Capacity Before Buying Your Next Trailer • Management: 7 Principles for Building Teamwork in Recycling Plants • Odor Control: Attacking Odor at The Source • Buildings and Shelters: Durable Building Solutions • Maintenance: 55 Ways to Reduce Equipment Costs for the New Year • Odor Control: Odor Dispersion Systems: What is Right for your Site  • Recycling: Combating Recycling Challenges • Trash Treasures: The Oregon Convention Center: Minimizing Waste • Safety: Preparing for Winter and Inclement Weather  • Marketing Strategies: Paving the Way for Increased Conversions • Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance Procedures for Refuse Trailers • HHW Corner: Six of the Most Forgotten Features at HHW Collection Facilities: Part 1

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