Waste Robotics, a leader in advanced waste recycling solutions, has announced a partnership with Greyparrot, a pioneer in AI waste analytics. Leveraging Greyparrot’s advanced analytics, Waste Robotics aims to transform the landscape of automated sorting solutions, delivering tailored robotic systems to meet the unique needs of each client.

At the outset of the partnership, Waste Robotics utilizes Greyparrot Analyzer, an AI camera system deployed at global sorting facilities, to characterize waste streams and understand the opportunities for automated robotic sorting. In this approach, known as the Robot Validator, Waste Robotics conducts a deep analysis on the performance and cost evaluation of different robotic systems to identify the best-suited solution. The aim is to model the future implementation of Waste Robotic’s sorting solutions to ensure operational efficiency for clients across diverse waste management sectors.

“This strategic partnership between Waste Robotics and Greyparrot highlights our joint commitment to delivering customized, data-driven solutions perfectly suited to our clients’ needs. With the Robot Validator, we are confident in our ability to assist customers in maximizing ROI and minimizing payback.” Ziad Akl-Chedid, VP of Products at Waste Robotics, further noted, “Our modular sorting solutions are specifically designed to adapt to various circumstances and use cases.”

Gaspard Duthilleul, COO of Greyparrot commented “The partnership between Greyparrot and Waste Robotics is a testament to our shared commitment to client-centered innovation. By leveraging waste intelligence, we actively assist customers in making informed decisions and obtaining purpose-fit products, driving operational excellence in waste management practices.”

Waste Robotics and Greyparrot empower waste facilities with intelligent insights and robotic precision to transform the waste management industry.

For more information, visit www.wasterobotic.com or www.greyparrot.ai.