Waste2Wear® announces that it has become a member of the International Green Energy Council (IGEC).  Waste2Wear® aims to reach the network of members of the IGEC who are also custodians of our environment so that collectively we may collaborate and make a positive impact on our home, planet earth. With more than 16 years of experience in the garment industry and established in North America, Europe and Asia, Waste2Wear® is a responsible partner for companies that share a sense of urgency to save our resources, environment and our world. “Waste is only waste if we do nothing about it,” said Monique Maissan, Founder and CEO of Waste2Wear®.  “At present, we draw on our planet and we pollute her, while so-called waste is actually a great source of eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials.”

Maissan goes on, “Only if we all work together can we stop the waste from ending up in our landfills, rivers and oceans. We need to do this worldwide and I hope to be able to inspire and motivate as many people and companies as possible to become part of this process.”

“The facts are ever growing that mankinds impact on our Planet will cause us to have to adapt to a new Earth, one where we look at everything we do and everything we make and how we and it impacts our surroundings. Waste2Wear is showing us a clear path how we can use recycled water bottles to create durable and sustainable garments.” said Ralph Avallone, Secretary General of the International Green Energy   Council.

For more information, visit www.waste2wear.com.