Westfield residents with food scraps once again have a way to recycle them. Through a partnership with the food scrap collection company Green Bucket Compost, Westfield restarted its food waste recycling program—a program that started in 2019 but had been suspended during the pandemic. “There was such a real desire to get it up and running, especially with so many people at home these days,” said Isaiah Green, the CEO and founder of Green Bucket Compost in an interview. “You were producing a lot of food waste at the local level.”

The town announced that the program, which has Green Bucket Compost transport food waste to Waste Management’s organics recycling facility in Elizabeth, is back. “We are thrilled to restore this program which Westfield residents loved,” said Ward 3 Councilman and Green Team Liaison David Contract in a statement. “Now residents can bring food waste of any kind to the Center instead of throwing it out and it will get turned into bio-fuel to help provide green energy for Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority.”

The program guidelines remain the same, officials said. Residents can bring any type of food waste to the Conservation Center during hours of operation, with no permit required, where lidded containers for food waste collection will be placed next to the recycling sheds. All types of food waste are acceptable including vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood (except shells), dairy and grains, officials said. Food waste can be placed in bins either stand-alone or in any type of packaging except glass containers and black plastic bags, officials said.

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Author: Matt Kadosh, TapInto Westfield
Matt Kadosh, TapInto Westfield