North Augusta’s new Materials Recycling Facility opened this summer. Now, it’s time to get moving on its sister project, the regional solid waste transfer station. South Carolina’s settlement with the U.S. Department of Energy over plutonium storage at Savannah River Site allocated to North Augusta a total of $37 million, of which $2 million is for the construction of the station.

The transfer station will go up near the new recycling facility; trash collected throughout North Augusta will be dumped there and mechanically scooped onto a large trailer that will then take it to the landfill. That trailer, along with a handful of other needs ancillary to construction of the transfer station itself, was reason for City Council’s Sept. 18 authorization of the use of up to $795,000 of money that has accrued as interest above and beyond the actual settlement funds allocated to North Augusta.

Council’s authorization permits the city to purchase the trailer, a track excavator and a residential bulk truck; a camera system for monitoring the transfer station; and replacement parts for the transfer station scale.

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Author: Elizabeth Hustad, The Post and Courier
Image: Samantha Winn, The Post and Courier