If you have had a major hauling project in the Louisiana market in the last ten years, chances are you have met Brittany Whitehead. Celebrating her tenth anniversary with the company this month, Brittany started when there was just one division in the state. Now there are five, including Covington, Cajun Country (Houma), Baton Rouge, the new Industrial Waste Division based out of Geismer, which offers services such as rentals, delivery, pickup, and removal of temporary solid waste containers used by industrial business clients, as well as clean-up response for solid and liquid waste removal.

With over 20 years of experience in the solid waste industry, Brittany is a staple and valued member of the Louisiana team. She started as a customer service representative and quickly moved to dispatch, where her logistic skills were put to good use. Looking for a new challenge and wanting to understand the ins and outs of what drivers experience daily, she earned her CDL (Commercial Driver License) license in 2015 and got on the road. However, seeing the growth happening at the time in and around Waste Pro’s Kenner location, she requested to move back to dispatch. Management quickly saw the rapport she could achieve with customers and business clients and promoted her to Lead Dispatch, where she has been since 2018. “Jesse took a chance on me, and I was not about to let him down, “Brittany shared about then Operations Manager Jesse Murphy, now Regional Vice President for Waste Pro Louisiana.

Based out of the New Orleans/Kenner office, Brittany is known to personally take ownership of every commercial job the company does in Louisiana. She is hands-on with some of the larger commercial and construction jobs, going on-site to ensure things are running smoothly throughout the contract. Recently, she was on location for a major downtown New Orleans high-rise construction project and noticed an unsafe trash chute that could cause a safety hazard. The client’s location manager appreciated her attention to detail, recognized the safety hazard, rectified it, and shared that her keen eye potentially saved lives.

Brittany starts her days early, getting front load and roll-off trucks launched for the day with pre-trip inspections and safety meetings with drivers. This also keeps her engaged with supervisors and route leads, coordinating daily and weekly safety meetings. “We have a different set of safety-focused items to discuss with our commercial drivers. We need to check on things like line of sight, backing up, and compactor issues, and there are some safety-specific protocols for Louisiana that we need to ensure our drivers are always aware of. That way, everyone goes home safely at the end of every shift,” she shared. Her weeks are filled with visits to all five Waste Pro locations, checking on her dispatch teams, visiting client sites, and maintaining excellent relationships with sales partners.

On occasion, it is stepping in and doing a little extra. For example, recently, there was a request for a hand audit with a local Parrish. During the process, she uncovered over 1,000 carts that Waste Pro had yet to be reimbursed for. “Brittany wanted to ensure we did everything right and do what was best for the company. Of course, that means great customer service and attention to safety. But that also means sometimes going the extra mile. She is known to do whatever it takes.” shared Jesse. There is a shared admiration between Jesse and Brittany, who started at Waste Pro just months apart. Brittany said, “I learned from the best; that’s what doing things the Waste Pro Way is all about,” “Jesse is the best boss I have ever had. I came into my role already thinking I knew a lot about solid waste and hauling, yet I always learned something new working with him. That’s’ a rare gift. And he is just someone you want to continue to impress and do great work for.”

That commitment and dedication go both ways. During the holiday season in 2017, tragedy struck Brittany and her family. Losing their home and all their belongings during a house fire on Thanksgiving that year. With the help of other Waste Pros, Jesse found Brittany a place to live and supported the family in multiple ways to get back on their feet. “It is not just my job or a career; Waste Pro is my family. They have been there for me during my most difficult times. Waste Pro is different from any other place I have ever worked at. When the CEO and COO know your name and take time to catch up when they see you, that means something; it makes you feel special. I have such pride in working for people like that.”

When she is not with her Waste Pro family, Brittany is a busy wife and mom with two kids: a daughter preparing to graduate high school and get her welding license and a son in fifth grade who is very active in sports. The family loves to spend time outdoors, enjoy the many local festivals and events, and explore the food scene in and around New Orleans.

For more information, visit www.wasteprousa.com