Over the last 16 years at the Waste Pro Ft. Myers division, Renee Malkaski has seen a lot.“Amazing changes have happened during my time here, and I am proud to be a part of our company’s largest and fastest-growing division.” Renee started at Waste Pro as a customer service representative after moving to Southwest Florida to escape the cold winters in Michigan. Her sister-in-law worked at Waste Pro first and recommended Renee apply. Renee soon discovered that she loved the job, the culture,and the people. Renee fit right in, tapping into skills from her years of experience working as an inspector and manager for the big car manufacturers in the motor city at a shop that provided parts for General Motors. Once I found my role here, though, everything just clicked with me. Much of my experience in car manufacturing was able to transfer: people management, project management, time management, the ability to prioritize things, and ensuring that things run smoothly.”

Renee said there is so much more to the solid waste industry than people think, especially inthe commercial/roll-off department. She has also held office manager and dispatch positions at Waste Pro, but she says roll-off is where she thrives. Roll-off contracts in the Ft. Myers area are franchised through Lee County. Other service areas, such as recycling, yard waste, and construction, are open to all haulers. So, the job requires Renee to ‘pound the pavement’ and make relationships withdecision-makers in these additional service areas outside the city limits. She shared what she enjoys most about her role, “It’s getting those new clients scheduled on the books, ensuring they receive our top-shelf service, and then following through with account management. We must deliver so they don’t think of going to another hauler.”

Her philosophy is simple: to offer as much service as possible and ensure each customer is treated like a VIP. Renee is also the liaison with Lee and Collier County school districts, one of the largest commercial clients in the region, and just last year, added the Lehigh area school district as well. Renee contributes much of her daily success and professional satisfaction to Divisional Vice President Bill Jones. “Bill trusts meto run this department. There are weekly meetings, daily organization, container management, and client needs, all of which are ever-changing. We all work together to keep things on the road and running as it should.”

“It was 16 years ago that I began working at Waste Pro under division manager Keith Banasiak, and I will be forever grateful. Through the years, we have witnessed so much growth. Now, Keith is the SeniorVice President. And he always stops by to check in and catch up with me when he’s in the office. That personal touch makes Waste Pro more than a job, but a family.”

Renee reflected on how Waste Pro has made a difference in her life. She shared that Waste Pro continues to show her she is more than an employee. “Waste Pro has provided stability, an extendedfamily, and a chance to enjoy the sunset each evening, living here in Florida.”

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