The mission of the Middle Georgia Food Bank is to “provide maximum amount of food possible … at the lowest cost in order to reach the maximum number of hungry neighbors in need.” Disposing of solid & liquid waste is the mission of A-OK Portables & Waste. Even with these vast differences in missions, they are working together for the benefit of the Macon community.

Both businesses are located in Macon. At the food bank, activity has increased dramatically as the financial fallout from Covid-19 makes it difficult to impossible for Macon families to afford groceries. This activity has increased the need for additional bathrooms at the food bank location. “One of the aspects of portable sanitation that I enjoy most is that we positively impact the day to day life of our business neighbors. In this case, we can provide clean, portable toilets along with relieving a little financial pressure on the food bank by donating a portion of our services,” Ms. Lee Insley explains.

Ms. Insley and her husband Mark have owned A-OK Portables & Waste Services since 2007. In that time, the company has served hundreds of Middle Georgia businesses needing waste disposal. “Everything from concrete to food packaging eventually ends up needing to be hauled away from where it is,” Mr. Mark Insley says. “We provide Open Top Roll-Off Containers, Front Loaders, and Compactors”. The husband & wife team employ local people in their office, and as drivers & mechanics. “We are proud of all our employees as they continue to do their jobs during this difficult time,” says Mr. Insley.

“We are seeing increased awareness of hand sanitation, so recently we designed and are now able to provide Free Standing Hand Sanitizing Stations,” Mr. Insley continues. Each station has two 400ml dispensers of hand sanitizer and can be placed inside or outside a store, office or retail business entrance. With major Macon industrial businesses opening up again, the need for conveniently placed hand sanitizing stations is clear. Once installed at a customer location A-OK will schedule the customer for refills depending on the customer need. This removes the need for the business to hunt down hand sanitizing gel. A-OK has been a bulk purchaser of hand sanitizer for years, because they use in it their portable toilets. Costs are based on frequency of service. They can mount hand sanitizing gel dispensers on walls and also provide sanitizing wipes.

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